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Bloodborne Fan Shares Realistic, AI-Generated Faces For Several Characters

The wonderfully macabre Bloodborne is home to all manner of evil creatures and unspeakable Lovecraftian horrors. Fans of the game are very familiar with the twisted enemies lurking the streets of Yharnam and beyond. But one Bloodborne fan is taking some time to highlight something usually less horrifying: the human characters.

Reddit user raccoon1905 recently shared some fanart of the game’s cast with a twist: all of it was generated by an AI. It seems like the Bloodborne community creates stunning fanart despite the game’s horrors quite frequently, but it is generally not focused on the faces of the game’s human characters.

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In total, raccoon1905 shared 15 of these impressive character faces. The post includes many fan favorites such as The Doll and Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods. Many fans took to the comments to express their adoration of the art and also their newly kindled unease toward some of the faces presented, some even expressing hope that the characters would return in a Bloodborne successor. All of the fanart can be viewed by clicking here.

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One of the most popular faces that fans flocked to was that of Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. Micolash is one of Bloodborne’s most iconic characters and just so happens to be one of the more unsettling faces generated by the AI. Some fans shared lighthearted opinions of the face, such as its similarities with actor Javier Bardem, while others voiced their disturbance at the Host of the Nightmare. One commenter said of the face “As if Micolash wasn’t creepy enough.”

For the most part, fans seemed excited to have some new content to sink their teeth into. With the uncertain future of the Bloodborne series, fans are clearly clamouring for anything they are able to get their hands on. Some fans in the comments section even took to discussing the lore of some of the characters, as some fans were unfamiliar with all of the characters represented. These lore explanations sparked impassioned conversations that put on display the desire for more Bloodborne. Bloodborne has clearly inspired a large community of players, and they appear very receptive to more content from the Bloodborne universe.

Then again, FromSoftware’s plans for Bloodborne and Dark Souls remain shrouded in mystery. But even in these uncertain times, one thing is clear: the fans creating art like these faces truly love the series and will go to great lengths to display their passion.

Bloodborne is currently available on PS4.

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