BOE reveal world’s first 600Hz gaming display on a laptop


While 4K 120FPS is the current craze, BOE has managed to unveil a display with a staggering 600Hz refresh rate.

The new display is also currently tied to a laptop they announced with it and both were revealed during the World Conference on Display Industry in Chengdu, China this week.

Given that most information of this here in the west has surfaced through images and BOE’s reveal, not much is known about the 16-inch display capability of such absurd performance. Though one could make good assumptions such as it being a TN panel and that the laptop is using top tier specs in order to reach such performance.

The fact that it is ten times faster than that of a traditional monitor pushing 60Hz is impressive, though for most it is unnecessary.

After all, most games are not able to run at framerates high enough to reach 600Hz, unless one either drops the settings greatly, or shells out big money for a computer which could run it. The latter can’t happen in this case, as it’s attached to a laptop.

As it stands right now with a display of this caliber, BOE is most certainly targeting this towards “esports” gamers and professionals, where high framerate, and therefore lower time between frames, reigns supreme. It’s also worth mentioning that technological improvements are always helpful for pushing the industry further.

Though BOE’s product is disappointingly limited to only being on a laptop, which has limitations on the performance it can output, most “esports” titles like CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 are not demanding, and could hit those framerates with the right settings.

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