Mortal Shell PS4 Review


Mortal Shell PS4 Review – An extremely vague, abstract story, punishing combat and a dreary fantasy world. Has someone just released another SoulsBourne title? Yes, yes they have. There have been a lot of non-From Software Soulslike games over the years ranging from the great like the Nioh titles and the second entry in The … Read more

EA Sports UFC 4 PS4 Review


EA Sports UFC 4 PS4 Review – For casual onlookers of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), it can be difficult to separate the brutal spectacle from the onion layered complexities and sophistications which underpin modern mixed discipline hand-to-hand combat. In spite of the at-a-glance optics that Dana White’s small army of tattooed, 3% body fat fistic … Read more

The Alto Collection PS4 Review


The Alto Collection PS4 Review – The Alto Collection is comprised of both Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. It is an endless runner, or endless snowboarder if you will. Team Alto‘s beloved mobile games that have made their move over to the PS4, but how well do these games translate to console and does it … Read more

Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple PS4 Review


Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple PS4 Review – Nioh 2 is one of this year’s best games, so it’s only natural that Sony and Koei Tecmo would continue to support the title going forward. Nioh 2 received plenty of free content in the past but it’s first paid expansion dubbed The Tengu’s Disciple is a … Read more

Fall Guys PS4 Review


Usually my reviews start off with a long description of the game and go into detail about a variety of different aspects featured, but Fall Guys doesn’t need that. Fall Guys is bloody fun and one of the most exciting and enjoyable takes on battle royale we have seen since the genre’s inception. Fall Guys … Read more

Relicta PS4 Review


Relicta PS4 Review – Every year I look forward to finding the first-person puzzle game I fall in love with and absolutely adore. In 2019 it was The Sojourn, which I felt was an almost perfect game, and in 2020 I had my eyes set on Relicta from Mighty Polygon. At first glance, Relicta has … Read more

West Of Dead PS4 Review


West of Dead PS4 Review – With games that embrace roguelike design, finding a way to keep the randomised repetitive levels and content fresh is something of an omnipresent bugbear that many developers have simply not been able to overcome with any degree of consistent success. West of Dead however, from Upstream Arcade, fares better … Read more

Skully PS4 Review


Skully PS4 Review – Every game reviewer knows the moment. You sit down with an innocuous new game that you have agreed to review. You watch the credits and the amusing opening cinematics. You play through the thirty-minute tutorial section at the beginning of the game. Then you hit the meat of the title, and … Read more

Pistol Whip PSVR Review


Pistol Whip PSVR Review – I’m sitting on my bed typing early on Sunday morning while my wife is making breakfast for the kids. Having spent the majority of Saturday playing through Pistol Whip on a variety of settings, my body is sore, but my mind is tranquil. Considering everything I’ve experienced in Pistol Whip … Read more

Skater XL PS4 Review


Skater XL PS4 Review – Being a heavy skater in my youth and I mean a ‘real’ heavy skater, I do adore a good skateboarding game. I could kick-flip and pop shuvit with the best of them when I was younger and I did. So whenever a skateboarding game comes up, it makes me very … Read more

Maid of Sker PS4 Review


Maid of Sker PS4 Review – The real Sker House near Porthcawl in South Wales is said to house two ghosts – the captain of a shipwrecked on the rocks of the nearby Sker Point and Elisabeth Williams, who was locked in a room of the house by her father to prevent her from eloping … Read more

Fairy Tail PS4 Review


Fairy Tail PS4 Review – Fairy Tail has become one of the more popular franchises in recent memory. With a rich story that has spanned almost 300 anime episodes and a best-selling manga, it’s about time the franchise has gotten its first major video game release. Developed by GUST and published by Koei Tecmo, Fairy … Read more

Hellpoint PS4 Review


Hellpoint PS4 Review – It was Oscar Wilde that said; ” imitation is the severest form of flattery.” That quote has never been more relevant than in this review. Hellpoint, by Cradle Games, is the most Souls-like, non FromSoftware game I have ever played. For better or worse this title is a homage to the … Read more