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CD Projekt is “An Acquisition Candidate” Following Cyberpunk 2077’s Messy Launch, Says Research Firm


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Cyberpunk 2077’s launch proved to be a bigger disaster than anyone could have imagined, and on top of being under fire from audiences and the industry at large for its troubled release, CD Projekt RED has been facing many other hurdles in recent weeks as well, from lawsuits and tumbling stock prices to potential monetary fines.

According to research firm DFC Intelligence, these troubles makes them a candidate for a potential buyout in the future, with the firm writing in a report that a major publisher in the industry could be looking to take a risk on a potential buyout to tap into the studio’s value and its potential.

“CD Projekt stock dropped 50% in December,” DFC Intelligence writes. “This is unacceptable for a company launching a flagship, defining product. A larger public company would have been able to avoid this with basic public relations and marketing.”

“Unfortunately, CD Projekt’s reputation has been tarnished,” the report adds. “The company now becomes one to watch as an acquisition candidate. This was clearly the case where the marketing and publishing of a larger company would have worked wonders.”

CD Projekt RED is still valued as one of the biggest studios in the industry, of course, and a buyout does remain unlikely, but DFC Intelligence states that several companies would still be “willing to take the risk.”

Recently, a report was published that talked about Cyberpunk 2077’s development troubles, with CDPR studio head Adam Badowski responding to several points brought up in the report.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, with CD Projekt RED having recently talked about its plans for updating and fixing the game in the coming months. Read more on that through here.

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