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King’s Bounty II Preview

King’s Bounty II is a bold and ambitious sequel to a two-decade (going on three!) year old tactical based RPG that is adored by critics and fans alike, which manages to maintain the magic of the

Far Cry 6 will have Microtransactions

Far Cry 6 was rated by ESRB earlier today, and it is now basically confirmed that this game will have Microtransactions because the ESRB rating mentions “In-Game Purchases” now this is not much of a

A Plague Tale: Innocence PS5 Review

Game: A Plague Tale: InnocencePlatforms: PC, Ang PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5Genre: Action-AdventureDeveloper: Asobo StudiosPublisher: Focus Home InteractiveReviewed

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