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Epic Games’ award-winning battle royale game Fortnite has had its share of crossovers and collaborations over the years. These typically come in the form of cosmetic items, but have also included special weapons and limited-time game modes. There have been multiple collabs with Marvel, often to coincide with the release of MCU films. Black Panther has made an appearance in Fortnite, as have Captain America, Deadpool, Thor, and other characters.

Although they parallel MCU film releases, these cameos by Marvel characters don’t often resemble the actual actors. For example, the Thor added to Fortnite in Chapter 2: Season 4 looked nothing like Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor in the movies, nor did the costume resemble that worn by Hemsworth in the films. Fortnite’s Thor comes from 2020’s Thor #1, after he becomes the new All-Father of Asgard and a cosmic herald.

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Recently, another character played by Chris Hemsworth has been revealed to possibly be coming to Fortnite. Shiina, a frequent Fortnite leaker, uncovered a skin model titled “Dusty” within the files for the ongoing Free Guy movie collaboration. However, people were quick to point out that the outfit very closely resembles that worn by Hemsworth in the 2020 Netflix film Extraction. Most notably, the watch, two bracelets, and mic sported by the actor in the movie seem an exact match with the leaked Fortnite skin.

This conclusion even seems to have been corroborated by Donald Mustard, Epic Games CCO, in a Twitter post in April 2020. When the Russo Brothers asked whether John Wick or Hemsworth’s Extraction character Tyler Rake would win in a fight, Mustard responded, “Maybe we should put Rake in Fortnite and find out.” A John Wick outfit was added to the game in 2019’s Season 9. It is not clear when or if this Extraction collaboration will actually happen, or why the Tyler Rake outfit was packed with the files for the Free Guy event.

Currently, Ryan Reynold’s character Dude from Free Guy is an Epic Fortnite outfit that can be purchased from the item shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. Added on August 13, the Free Guy promotional Fortnite event also includes a Rare emote, which can be obtained by completing Free Guy quests. The player’s character will give two thumbs up and say, “Don’t have a good day… Have a great day.”

Extraction is an action-thriller directed by Sam Hargrave, who previously worked as a stunt coordinator on the Marvel films. Starring Chris Hemsworth, the movie follows a former Australian Army SASR operator turned mercenary who has been tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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