Cities Skylines Update 12.01 Adds Numerous Bug Fixes

Developer Colossal order has worked towards fixing the bugs and bringing gameplay changes with the Cities Skylines Update 12.01. The recent major update for the game labeled ‘Plazas & Promenade’ brought major changes to the gameplay as well as many bugs that this patch addresses. There are reports of performance fixes too with this patch.

Hello, Chirpers!

It’s a new week and we have more fixes for you! This time for Console! You can read all about them here:

The best place for you to report anything would be:
Thank you so much for your understanding!

— Cities: Skylines (@CitiesSkylines) September 20, 2022

Cities Skylines has made sure to stay on top of bugs in the game and has been able to fix them on time while providing a way to report all active bugs through the link mentioned in the Twitter post above. Colossal order should hopefully fix the majority of issues that players are facing when they launch the game with this update.

Fixed crash when inspecting Football Stadium and ChirpX
Fixed missing Rock City Radio station
Fixed missing icons in Milestones screen
Improved Chirper selection in City Info screen
Fixed low-resolution buildings and crashes on Snowfall maps
Fixed low-resolution textures on new Pedestrian roads
Fixed Explorer Mode collision with new Pedestrian roads
Fixed vehicles using parking places on Pedestrian roads
Fixed missing text strings
Minor bug fixes

The new Cities Skylines update is available to download for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC today, September 20th.

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