Creative Assembly FPS Still in Development, Sega Exec Confirms

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Thanks to countless stellar Total War games and the incredible survival horror title Alien Isolation, Creative Assembly has firmly established itself as a top developer, and one of Sega’s best assets. And though the studio has largely been known as a developer of strategy games over the years, soon, it’s going to be ready to branch out.

We’ve been hearing about a new IP that’s in the works at Creative Assembly – a tactical first person shooter – for a while now, which was confirmed by the developer itself last year. But though we know of its existence, very little has been said about the game so far (we don’t even know it’s name, or even if it has one yet), and updates on it have been scant these last few months.

Sega Europe’s Chief Studios Officer Tim Heaton, however, assures that the game is still very much in development. Speaking to GamesIndustry about Sega’s two-pronged approach to fostering established properties and building up new IP, Heaton said that Creative Assembly are still chipping away on their first person shooter.

“Each one of our studios really does own a franchise, and they’re all mature now by and large,” Heaton said. “So what we’re trying to do now is look at new IP. There’s a new FPS game coming from Creative Assembly, and they’re growing teams around new IPs. Our internal studios have this two-pronged strategy: do more with what you’ve got, and think about new IP.”

There’s little that anyone can say about this game for now, other than the fact that it exists. Job listings in the past have suggested that it may have live service elements, but that’s pretty much all we have to go on for now. Here’s hoping we get a reveal sooner rather than later.

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