CrossfireX Has Issues at Launch, Including Not Working on Game Pass, Fixes are Promised


Today marked the release of CrossfireX, the new Xbox-exclusive shooter co-developed by Remedy Entertainment, although you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize it. There are no reviews for the game yet (codes were held back) and it was released without a lot of promotion. Well, it seems there’s a likely reason for that. Early impressions from fans are not good, with many criticizing the game for a lack of content, shoddy controls, and missing options you’d usually expect from a AAA shooter. Worst of all, while the game was supposed to be available on Xbox Game Pass on Day 1, many subscribers are having trouble accessing it. The official CrossfireX Twitter account has promised a solution for the Game Pass issue is coming.

Attention, Mercenaries,

We are aware of the issue that some Game Pass members are unable to access Operation Catalyst.

We are currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and the feedback.

— CrossfireX (@PlayCrossfireX) February 10, 2022

Meanwhile, the CrossfireX website has promised a variety of fixes are on the way, including…

  • ADS with CAR-4 – sometimes the aim-down the sights goes in and out while shooting. This is a bug and will be fixed.
  • Aim settings – we hear your request for options to adjust aim acceleration and sensitivity settings. We are working on adding more detailed options for the analog stick including acceleration, sensitivity, dead zone and aim assist.
  • Sliding – the issue that sliding stops when colliding with the side of an object will be fixed. Also, we will improve the experience of speed reduction while sliding.
  • Boogieman imbalance – We will adjust so as not to be able to obtain additional points while being in the Boogieman state. Also, the ability of HP auto-recovery will be removed, and the difficulty of becoming the Boogieman overall will be increased.
  • More maps – several maps will be added for both Classic and Modern modes.

Don’t expect all these things to be resolved right away though. The CrossfireX dev team says the fixes will take “some time” and the first update won’t be available until early March.

CrossfireX is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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