Crowns & Pawns is a charming point-and-click mystery about family secrets

When I saw Crowns & Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, I immediately thought it was some sort of Sims-like game, with its bright, colourful palette and inviting, simple gameplay. And although the gameplay is indeed a simple, point-and-click adventure, it’s packaged so charmingly that I found it difficult to resist.

The game begins at a computer screen (like most of our days) in sunny Chicago, where Milda, while customising her character in a game called Crown Kingdom, receives news that her grandfather in Lithuania has passed away, and she’s been named the inheritor of his property there. After stepping away from the desk, we’re introduced to the game’s mechanics: hold the mouse’s scroll button to highlight points of interest in that particular environment, and left-click to interact with one of them. There’s also your phone and inventory in the top corner.

At this particular moment, your friend Dana is putting on a little art exhibition downtown to woo a potential investor. Dana’s both supportive and intrigued, and promises to fund your trip abroad if she secures the advance. After interacting with the nearby girl scout at the lemonade stand and the blues musician, you’re quickly on your way.


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