Crysis Remastered Seemingly Coming To PS4 (And Maybe Xbox One And PC) August 21


Crysis Remastered had something of a strange road. Technically speaking, the game was never officially announced before some leaks that were not particularly well-received made developer Crytek decide it was best to delay the game for some extra polish (except the Switch version, which released on time last month). There hasn’t been anything officially said about the new release date, but it seems that may have slipped today.

While nothing has been said from the developer, a new video from PlayStation Access, which you can see below, detailed the new titles coming to the PS4 this week and, surprise, Crysis Remastered is said to be coming this Friday (it’s even the thumbnail and background for the video). While this is obviously about the PS4 version, most likely it would come alongside the Xbox One and PC ones as well.

Unless we’ve witnessed quite the snafu, it seems Crysis Remastered will finally be coming out to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 21st. The Switch version of the game is available now.

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