Cyber Monday iPad deals live: the best savings on iPad Pro, Air and Mini 6

Cyber Monday iPad deals
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We’re well into the thick of the Cyber Monday deals now, and the iPad range have been proving to be hugely popular in the sales – despite there not really being any standout deals.

The majority of the good deals are on the iPad Pro range, but we’ve been scouring all the retailers to see what’s coming out – we’ve found Amazon to have great sales, taking $100 or $200 off the price – but also Adorama and B+H Photo have been pretty useful too.

You can check out our Cyber Monday iPad deals for the key deals still happening, and we’re also live-blogging all of the top deals around the retailers in our Cyber Monday deals live updates too.

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Cyber Monday iPad deals

Today’s best iPad deals

It's an ipad leaning against some red books
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OK, we’ve spent the 72 hours over Black Friday looking for the best Cyber Monday iPad deals, and – we have to be honest – the deals are drying up a little bit as we approach the actual day itself.

That said, it’s not all terrible. There are some deals available above, but in the main we’re not seeing the same sales that appeared on Black Friday.

Fear not though, dear reader. There’s still a load of stuff that you can do to prep, the best iPad Pro deal we saw during Black Friday is still going, and… don’t forget, we like talking to you.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard
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OK, iPad lovers – here’s the best deal you’re going to find right now: the iPad Pro for $100 at Amazon (if you’re in the US).

It’s for the iPad Pro 12.9 – an exceptional model, and the one that I love the most for the larger-screened experience it brings.

It’s down from $1099 to $999, which is only 9% off, but a decent saving for something that we rate as a tablet… the screen alone is to die for.

If you want to go up in the sizes, you can get the 1TB version for $1699, which is another $100 off but is a smaller saving.

Cyber Monday Apple Pencil deals
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If you’re going to buy that iPad Pro deal, then you should be thinking about getting an Apple Pencil as well – it’s going to have a real use, and the second-gen model, magnetically sitting on the flat edge of the tablet itself – and it’s $99, which is $30 off. 23%? Yes.

Look, I know it’s expensive for a stylus, and there are good Apple Pencil alternatives… but if you want the full iPad Pro experience, it’s a good investment.

And the final piece of the iPad Pro jigsaw: the Magic Keyboard, which genuinely makes the iPad Pro 12.9 into more of a computer.*

Right now, I’ve found a couple of deals in the US: Walmart has it for $298, which is just over $50 off. However, Best Buy has it on sale for $199, but it looks like stock is severely limited.

In the UK, John Lewis is your pal, bringing the keyboard out for £164.50, which is a real steal. It says ‘reduced to clear’, which is an odd thing to say for an on-sale Apple product.

*MORE of a computer, not into a fully-fledged PC rival. Apple likes to say that it’s as good, but there are a lot of small niggles in terms of the compatability of some browsers and the user interface – as well as the app experience – that mean it’s better for entertainment and smaller, more powerful editing tasks.

iPad Pro 11 2021 vs iPad Air 4
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I’ve got bad news for all the US viewers here – the UK iPad deals are still going strong, where they’re badged under ‘Black Friday deals’, given in that country Cyber Monday isn’t really a thing. (Actually, one retailer is calling them ‘Black Fri-Yay’ deals, but we’ll gloss over that).

If you want to get the 11-inch iPad Pro, for instance, it’s still £50 off, at £699. Not massive, but mimics the saving we saw a few days ago.

However… here’s the good news for the US reader: I really think this dearth of deals is designed to get ready for some mega offers coming your way. That’s why this live blog is here – we’ll be ready when they are.

The top-performing product on this live blog is the iPad Pro 12.9, getting that sweet $100 off. We’re very much still waiting for more deals to land on this in the US, wher we’re starting to feel that surely, surely there must be some improved deals coming down the pipeline.

Last year, the iPad Pro 12.9 went down to $949 – while this year we’re seeing deals on the newer model, we’d expect the same savings to occur – so hopefully that will happen soon.

iPad Air 4
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If you’re in the UK, this is the top option for me: £599 for the new iPad Air works out a treat. It’s a great mix between the iPad Pro and ‘normal’ iPad, giving power and design quality without costing as much.

We’d recommend jumping on this deal as quickly as possible if you want to reap it – other colours are running out of stock quickly and the price is rising.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE
(Image credit: Samsung)

Look, I know this isn’t going to be popular on this live blog – but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, the most beautifully-named slate around, is cheaper than ever over at Amazon US.

If you’re looking for just ‘a tablet’ and not an iPad, with the Tab S7 FE you’re getting a huge 12.4-inch display, S Pen support and a fast-enough CPU inside… sure, the screen quality isn’t going to be iPad Pro-beating, but for a tablet that’s been reduced to $429.99 – the cheapest it’s ever been – it’s hard to not at least RECOMMEND it – and our pals over at Tom’s Guide have been using it for a while and enjoyed the experience.

I don’t think I’ve made enough of the fact you can trade in your old iPad to get money off the new oneat Best Buy – I just did some checking, and if you (inexplicably) trade in a 2021 iPad Pro 2021, with 2TB of storage, in good condition, you’ll get $750 off your new one.

Then again, if you did that, you’d have bought it recently and would be actively costing yourself money.

However, if you’ve got an iPad Air from 2013 that you’ve kept neatly in a case, you’ll still get $50 for it… not the end of the world, and you’re recycling.

To get this, you’ll need to add your new iPad to the cart and arrange to pick it up in store, and they’ll check the old one and wipe it for you.

iPad from Best Buy
(Image credit: Best Buy)

Looks like Best Buy has re-enabled all of its iPad deals – a load of stock just went from ‘Check Stores’ to ‘Add to Cart’, to coincide with its ‘Cyber Flash sale’.

That means you can get loads of iPad Pro models and storage sizes for up to $200 off – not bad savings, here.

A person using an iPad.
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Right, break over and it’s time to get back to the deals. Who’s ready for a little cleaning up to see what big deals are still live?

Let’s start in the US – this is what we’re still seeing live. Amazon has most of the cheapest prices, but there are a few key savings to be had if you shop around.

And now let’s mosey on over to the UK – what’s going on over here?

Well, there are a lot more deals available right now – Amazon is leading the way with the price drops, with places like John Lewis being undersold in terms of price – and most places are matching each other and no longer offering any decent deals.

For instance, we’re seeing the iPad Mini at £469 except at Amazon, and the iPad 10.2 the same £329 across the board.

Paperlike images
(Image credit: Paperlike)

I’m going to leave you with one thing – Paperlike is a screen covering for your iPad, that brings the feel of paper when using the Apple Pencil.

It’s well worth a go if you like sketching or taking notes on your iPad – and it’s currently 15% off in the Cyber Monday sales, so you should check it out.

“Fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad. Paperlike is the screen protector developed for professionals and artists who want the precision of paper in a paperless environment.”

It's an ipad leaning against some red books
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Good morning, folks! After a good sleep (and no small amount of caffeine) we’re back online keeping track of the best Cyber Monday iPad deals that’ll be available throughout the day.

As today is the last big sales day before we move into Christmas and the holidays, here’s hoping Apple’s flagship tablets go out with a bang.

If you’ve yet to check out the sales period, today might be your last chance to score a bargain before stock dries up and retailers push back up to normal price. As such, it’s worth at least a look around to see if you spot any nice discounts. And that’s what we’re here to help with during today’s live blog posts.

iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) facing forward on a table.
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ICYMI: UK buyers can pick up the newest iPad Pro at a decent £50 off discount. It’s not a huge saving, but fairly impressive for such a new model. At £949 during the Cyber Monday sales, it’s currently the lowest price we’ve seen for the 5th Generation iPad pro yet.

Need more space? The 256GB variant is also on sale for £1,049, while the 2TB version, while still very expensive, is down to £1,914 for the remainder of Cyber Monday.

Shop for the iPad Pro (2021) at Amazon UK

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2021)
(Image credit: Future)

Here’s one for when US folks wake up. iPad Pro (2021) sales are still going strong at Walmart, particularly for the 11-inch variant. Shoppers can currently save 120 bucks off the 512GB iPad Pro’s retail price, taking it down to $979. That’s actually the first time we’ve seen the device dip below a grand.

Shop for the iPad Pro (2021) 11-inch tablet at Walmart

cheap Apple Pencil price sales deals
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If you’re an artist – professional or just starting out – you may want to take a look at these impressive Apple Pencil 2 discounts happening at Amazon right now, in both the US and the UK.

This incredible stylus peripheral is compatible with your iPad, allowing you to draw and paint digitally using your favorite apps without a drawing tablet or PC setup.

The Apple Pencil 2 is on sale as part of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals, and is $99 in the US right now, while UK buyers can pick it up for just £99.

cheap iPad deals sales
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UK buyers! This iPad Pro (2021) Cyber Monday discount is still live at Argos! It’s down to £749 for the 11-inch, 128GB model, the best price we’ve seen yet in the UK. If you’re planning on buying, you should hurry – it’s one of the fastest selling products at Argos right now and could sell out at any point today.

Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard Case
(Image credit: typecase)

Already own an iPad, and want to turn it into a more efficient (and stylish) workstation? You should have a look at this Cyber Monday iPad accessory deal on the Typecase Touch iPad keyboard case.

This iPad Keyboard folio works on a range of iPads like the iPad Air 3 and 7th and 8th-gen entry-level iPad. The keyboard has a touchpad, Apple Pencil slot and colored backlighting. At $18 off it’s a decently affordable Cyber Monday deal if you’re looking to accessorize your tablet.

Shop for the Typecase Touch iPad keyboard case at Amazon US

Close up of the iPad
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If you’re a UK buyer looking for some iPad accessories this Cyber Monday, Amazon might just have the deal for you. The retail giant is discounting loads of its iPad accessories including Lightning Cables, Apple Pencil tips and Smart Covers for loads of its different tablets. The discounts are admittedly modest, but mostly make affordable accessories even more so until the end of today.

Shop for iPad accessories at Amazon UK

Apple Magic Keyboard – iPad Pro 12,9
(Image credit: Apple)

Have an older iPad model like the 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro? Now is a fantastic chance to pick up the Apple Magic Keyboard for less in the US. Hey, that rhymes. Kinda.

The Apple Magic Keyboard for the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro 12.9-inch is now discounted at Best Buy. The retailer has reduced for peripheral to just $199, saving you about 150 bucks. If you’re looking for a top-end keyboard for your tablet, they don’t get much better than Apple’s own. Sadly, it’s not compatible with the iPad Pro (2021), but if you own an older model this is a fantastic Cyber Monday deal.

Shop for the Apple Magic Keyboard at Best Buy

iPad Air deals header
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Amazon has chopped the price of the iPad Air (2020) down to £689 for both the WiFi and WiFi + Cellular variants. The retail giant is currently citing the latter option as “temporarily out of stock,” meaning it’s likely that more will become briefly available sometime during Cyber Monday.

And while almost £40 off a year-old tablet isn’t anything huge to write home about, this is still the best price right now for the 256GB iPad Air 4, and the real saving lies with the WiFi + Cellular variant, which currently has its priced slashed by around £170.

We gave this tablet a 4.5 star review citing its power, screen and the adventurous color choices as some of the main reasons to buy.

Shop for the iPad Air (2020) at Amazon UK

Apple gift card
(Image credit: Apple)

Want to buy directly from Apple in the US? The great news is that there’s plenty of incentive to do so this Cyber Monday. Purchase an iPad Pro (2021) in either the 12.9 or 11-inch size variant and you’ll get a $100 Apple gift card as a bonus.

Shop for the iPad Pro at Apple for a bonus $100 Apple gift card

cheap refurbished iPad 2017 deals sales price
(Image credit: Apple)

On a budget and don’t mind buying renewed? Amazon UK has a few iPad (2017) models left in stock for just £182.95. This is a great option if you don’t mind shopping for an older, refurbed model and don’t quite have the cash for a cutting edge iPad or iPad Pro.

Shop for the iPad (2017) refurbed at Amazon UK

Handsome man wearing airpods pro
(Image credit: TechRadar)

How about some AirPods to go with your new iPad? The Best Buy Cyber Monday deals are now live in the US, and the retail giant is selling Apple’s premium buds at some fantastic prices.

The best deal of the bunch has to be the AirPods with wireless charging case included, which is down to just $149.99. The AirPods Pro are also seeing a tremendous discount, with Best Buy bringing them down to $189.99, a $60 saving off of retail price.

Shop for Apple AirPods at the Best Buy Cyber Monday sales

Paperfeel screen protector CM deal
(Image credit: Bersem)

If you’ve managed to get your hands on the latest iteration of the iPad Pro, the last thing you want to happen is the screen to get damaged or cracked in any way. Thankfully, Amazon has that situation covered with a Cyber Monday deal on a two-pack of Paperfeel screen protectors.

These screen protectors are cheaper than ever at just $11.18 for a pack of two, and fit any 12.9-inch iPad Pro device. If you need the extra peace of mind after buying an expensive piece of tech, a screen protector can slow wear and tear, especially if you use the iPad often or use one in conjunction with a peripheral like the Apple Pencil 2.

Shop for the Paperfeel iPad Pro Screen Protector 2-pack at Amazon US

It's an ipad leaning against some red books
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iPad devices are likely to sell out relatively quickly over the course of Cyber Monday. If stock does start to dry up rapidly, you might want to take a look at Adorama, which has stock on a wide range of iPads for as little as $329 for the 10.2-inch iPad (2021).

Shop for a range of iPad deals at Adorama


iPad keyboard roundup
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:taps mic:

Hello! This is Alison, and I’ll be taking over this Cyber Monday iPad live blog for the next while. Gareth has been working super hard all weekend to bring you the very best deals on iPads and much more, so he’s getting a much-deserved break.
What do I have to share for my first live blog entry? If you’re looking for a discounted Apple Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro 12.9-inch, I got you.

Amazon has dropped its price for the Apple Magic Keyboard to $299.99 after a $30 in-cart discount. Amazon’s been doing that for a lot of Apple products lately and it can be easy to miss. So my advice to you, shoppers, is to look carefully under the sale price for some bold green letters that say you can save even more money at checkout.

This almost matches Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale price, which is about a dollar less than Amazon. Meanwhile, Best Buy still has the Apple Magic Keyboard on sale for $199, but with terribly limited in-store stock – if you’re able to find one there, perhaps pick up a Powerball ticket afterwards at the rate your luck is going.
Shop for the Apple Magic Keyboard at Amazon

Need to ensconce your shiny new iPad in a durable case? Check out this Cyber Monday iPad accessories sale…

Best Buy is cutting at least 50% off a selection of iPad cases. That’s right, the minimum discount here is half-off the MSRP although if we’re being honest, the selection is rather limited at the moment. So what stands out to us?

If you have a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, pick up this Apple Leather Sleeve for only $52.99. That’s a $77 saving and by far the best price we could find anywhere for this case. Buy it in bold (PRODUCT)RED or a more subdued taupe.

Meanwhile, if you have the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the Speck Balance Folio Case is marked down to $32.49 – that’s exactly half off. For further comparison, it’s over $50 less than Apple’s comparable Smart Folio. And Speck products are top-notch in their own right.

A person using an ipad.
(Image credit: Pixabay)

An iPad VPN isn’t a bad idea if you travel with your iPad often, as it can help reduce the risk of online threats whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. (Also, being able to access streaming services outside of your country to watch shows that aren’t readily available in your area is kinda cool, too.)

Whether you’re renewing a VPN subscription or are finally ready to take that first step towards securing your iPad, Cyber Monday is a fantastic time to land a stellar bargain on a VPN service.

Take a look at our Cyber Monday VPN deals page for all of the best ongoing offers. That includes an exclusive deal on aPureVPN 5-year plan for just $1.13 a month after code ‘TECH15‘ – a massive 90% saving! But hurry, as this deal ends today.

If you’ve just bought an iPad Pro in the Cyber Monday sales, and plan to use it for creative tasks, you might find it annoying that the thing only has one port. You can’t exactly connect a hard drive, headphones, charger and other accessories if there’s only one plug.

That’s why it’s worth picking up a USB-C splitter so you can use multiple extras at once. If you’re just looking for a headphone splitter, you can find them at Amazon here, and if you just want a big dock with lots of USB-C ports, there’s loads of them on Amazon too here.

If you like to use accessories for your iPad, we’ve got a couple of deals from Amazon UK for you, but be quick.

Amazon and Apple are offering a Cyber Monday deal, where you can save £14 off a new Apple Magic Keyboard, while you can also save £24 off an Apple Magic Mouse.

The Apple Magic Keyboard on a grey background
(Image credit: Apple)

These are great to have if you use the trackpad feature on your iPad, and you need a hardware keyboard for your iPad to do certain bits of work on.

Well, we’ve still got a little while until the end of Cyber Monday, but it seems rather unlikely that we’ll get any more deals between now and then emerging, so let’s look back on what’s been most popular for us since the launch of this live blog.

In first position is the iPad Air from 2020, which you could originally get from Walmart from $539, but went out of stock relatively quickly – it was supplanted by the iPad Air deal at Adorama, listed below.

The iPad Air was also the second most-clicked item, coming in at $849 for a slice of the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity versions.

And – finally – the third-best-clicked iPad this year was the excellent iPad Pro 12.9 – although not the superior newer version, but the now-more-cost-effective 2020 model, which comes with the awesome screen.

Check them out now if you’re thinking of buying yourself a new slate before Christmas.

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