Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Reworks The Entire Game

A common complaint among Cyberpunk 2077 players is that the patches don't go far enough. Even the most recent one – which was billed as a "free DLC" – left some fans wanting more, as there's a feeling in the player base that the game needs a complete overhaul, not bandaid fixes.

Now, one fan has done something about it. Cyberpunk modder Scissors123454321 has released the Full Gameplay Rebalance mod, which as the name suggests, completely reworks Cyberpunk's combat, changing it into something else completely.

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There's a lot of changes to get through, as the mod alters nearly every aspect of the game. According to its description, it reworks the following areas:

  • Enemy scaling
  • Enemy AI
  • Damage
  • Armour
  • Cyberware
  • Explosions
  • Food and drink,
  • Healing
  • Melee fighting
  • Ranged weapons
  • Hacking
  • Perks
  • Player stats
  • Vendors
  • XP

One of the most obvious issues with the combat upon launch was the enemy AI. Their perception was ridiculously low, so as long as you were crouching and using a silenced weapon, avoiding enemies was easy. But the mod fixes that, increasing their ability to spot players, as well as nerfing silencers.

On top of that, enemy difficulty has been completely reworked. In the base game, enemy levels are dependant on the player's level, much like in other RPGs. However, this created an issue where you were actually much weaker at level 50 than at level one. Your companions would also be utterly useless in a fight when you levelled up too much, since the enemies would level up to match you, but your partner would not.

The mod doesn't just change pre-existing features, but actually adds new ones. Scissors12345432 has added 24 drugs into the game, all with unique models and effects. For example, taking "Glitter" improves movement speed, and Aspis removes the delay in regenerating stamina. Overall, it just adds a whole bunch more RPG mechanics to the mix.

Elsewhere, there are multiple touch-ups to the game that fix issues still present in the vanilla version. This includes fixing the problem where the game doesn't take V's armour into account when calculating damage, sometimes making it useless.

There's also little miscellaneous fixes, such as face and head items being purely cosmetic rather than boosting stats. Because who wants to hide their V they spent so much time creating?

The Full Gameplay Rebalance brings far too many changes to list here, so head over to its NexusMods page to check out all of the notes for yourself.

Source: Eurogamer

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