Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Stops Crashes Caused By Patch 1.3

Cyberpunk's 1.3 patch may have fixed a lot of the game's problems, and added some DLC, but it has also created a few new ones for some players.

It has almost been nine months since Cyberpunk 2077 launched on all major platforms. The CDPR game may forever be known as having one of the most disastrous releases in history. The issues it had during those first few months were so extensive that Sony delisted the game from the PS Store.

Cyberpunk has since improved to the point that Sony has welcomed it back to the PS Store. Its 1.3 update has also gone live since then, fixing more of the game's bugs and even adding its first DLC. However, it appears that for players using older CPUs, a previously squashed Cyberpunk bug has returned along with the new patch.

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Players with older CPUs, or CPUs without AVX support, are complaining that Cyberpunk keeps crashing. As touched upon above, this was a problem CDPR addressed via a previous patch. The developer has ackowledged the problem has returned, and while those affected wait for an official fix, one modder has taken matters into their own hands.

Jens Andree has created a mod that appears to fix the AVX issue. “The solution is a bit dodgy but since I couldn't find one point in memory to prevent these calls I simply searched for each one of them and patched them out with nop (No OPerand, i.e 'do nothing'),” Andree explained via Nexusmods. Speaking of which, Nexusmods is where you can find the fix, but make sure you read through the accompanying instructions before doing so.

A reversal of a previously fixed problem isn't the only change that has got the Cyberpunk community talking since the 1.3 patch went live. Some eagle-eyed players noticed the game doesn't look as wet anymore, specifically pointing to the lack of puddles on the street and the game's vehicles gleaming a little less. CDPR has addressed that change and will reverse it, but hasn't explained why it dried up Night City in the first place.

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