Dark Souls Remastered: How To Become Overpowered Early

Dark Souls is an unforgiving game that will beat players down over and over again until they step up to the challenge and overcome it. While players can try over and over again to take on the difficulty the normal way, they can also opt to take the easy route.

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Rather, there's an easier route. Dark Souls players have discovered a way to become overpowered rather quickly so that they can easily take on the enemies of the world. Of course, players could also call on some friends to help them out, but where's the fun in that?

Get Through The Beginning


When players begin a new game, they will start off in a cell in the Asylum. The route in this area is pretty straightforward and will lead players to a boss fight with the Asylum Demon.

After defeating the boss of the area, players will head out through the large door and get pick up on the ledge by a large crow. The crow will then drop them off at Firelink Shrine. It is here that players will begin their journey to become overpowered.

Grab Some Homeward Bones (Among Other Items)


Now that players have reached Firelink Shrine, they can collect all the items that this area has to offer. Players should collect the Zweihander from the graveyard. the Homeward Bones from the chests, and any Souls.

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To reach the chests, players will want to take the path toward the elevators and follow the path up the stairs. When they discover the dead body with the item, they need to face away from it and roll on the platforms to fall into the area with the chests.

Head For The Catacombs


After collecting all the various items around Firelink Shrine, players should head through the graveyard and down into the Catacombs. Hug the wall when running down the staircase and make it to the first drop. After dropping down, keep to the left and continue down through the Catacombs while hugging the left side.

This will lead players to a hole in the wall. Head through the hole in the wall. Players will come across a bonfire that they can light if they want. If not, just push the lever on the wall and then head back the way they entered. Once again, stick to the left and run out the large doorway that is now open after pushing the lever in.

Perform A Jump


After running through the doorway, it will be time for players to do some jumping. Run past all the skeletons and make it to the small bridge made of natural stone. Don't go through the door on the other side.

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Stop in front of the door and stand to the right of it. Turn around and face the drop. There is a platform that players can land on below the ledge they are standing on. Roll off the ledge to fall onto the other one.

Get The Gravelord Sword


Once players hit the ledge, heal, and then continue on the path by heading to the right. This will lead back inside the Catacombs. Follow the path straight ahead and this will lead to a long dark hallway with coffins in the walls.

Players will notice that one of the coffins is sticking out of the wall on the left. Interact with this coffin to hop inside it and wait. Be careful of the large demon in the hallway. After waiting in the coffin, players will be teleported to the Tomb of the Giants. Run straight ahead after waking up to find a large coffin that can be prayed to. Pledge allegiance to the covenant to obtain the Gravelord Sword.

Level Up


After going through all of that, players need to use the Homeward Bones they collected earlier to teleport back to Firelink Shrine. Once there, consume any souls on hand and level up. Players should make their strength stat 16 and their dexterity stat 13. This will allow them to use the sword two-handed. Now go and kill enemies easily.

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