DDR4 RAM might stop gaming PC upgrades to AMD Zen 4 CPUs

DDR4 RAM might stop gaming PC upgrades to AMD Zen 4 CPUs

As the sun sets on the AM4 platform, anticipation continues to build for the next-generation AMD Zen 4 processors. These new chips could become the best gaming CPU to power your gaming PC, but they may come with some hidden upgrade costs for those who are still using DDR4 RAM.

According to CapFrameX, it’s looking increasingly likely that AMD Zen 4 CPUs will only support DDR5 RAM. These findings come from a 254-page guide to the AM5 socket that will be used by upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors, in which the term DDR5 can be found 76 times whereas DDR4 doesn’t show up once.

This means that not only will you need to invest in a new motherboard for your AMD Zen 4 processor, but also splash some cash on the best gaming RAM too. This added expense could steer those looking to upgrade towards 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs instead, which can be paired with DDR4 memory if you’ve the right motherboard.

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