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Dead Space Remake Site Is Hiding a Morse Code Easter Egg


This past week, Electronic Arts confirmed that a remake of the original Dead Space was currently in development at Motive Studios as part of its EA Play Live games showcase. The announcement was met with excitement from Dead Space fans who recall the original game fondly and would love to see the franchise return to its pure horror roots. It seems EA is excited too, as an Easter egg has been discovered on the updated Dead Space website.

The official Dead Space remake website is rather sparse for the time being. It features a link to the game's announcement trailer, a way to sign up for an informational newsletter, and then social media links. Most prominent on the website, however, is a graphic of the game's Ishimura spaceship as it orbits around the planet Aegis VII. The Ishimura also has a blinking red light, which attentive Dead Space fans noticed was blinking in a recognizable pattern. It was Morse code.

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Breaking down the code revealed a secret message from Dead Space's developers. That message should be very familiar to fans of the Dead Space franchise. Translating the Morse code led to the message "M-A-K-E-U-S-W-H-O-L-E" which is the cryptic message which appears often throughout the Dead Space franchise. Those familiar with the Dead Space games will know the layers to its meaning, while those who are new to Dead Space will get to learn what Make Us Whole truly means for the first time.


As it stands, the revelation of the teaser page's secret message adds a new layer of horror to the visual. Just the Ishimura alone, floating above the Aegis VII is unsettling on its own. Just knowing Dead Space is a horror game is enough to make clear that something dark awaits within the spaceship. However, the fact that it's sending out such a message, that it wants to establish content, portrays that there's something more going on here than meets the eye.

Some fans are somewhat tentative about the revelation, however. They're worried that the teaser and Morse code Easter egg could imply an actual change to Dead Space remake itself. Fans are torn regarding whether Motive should be making a 1:1 remake or if it should take some liberties.

Regardless, the Make Us Whole message is almost certainly intended to be all in good fun from the Dead Space team. It's a hint at the horrors that await players on the Ishimura, as well as what might come afterwards depending on the remake's success.

Dead Space is currently in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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