Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Final Trailer Debuts on September 8th

death stranding director's cut

Director Hideo Kojima said it would arrive sometime next week and now Kojima Productions has made it official. The final trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut will debut on September 8th at 12 AM PST/8 AM BST. As for what it will contain, the tweet simply says that you “won’t want to miss it.”

As such, Kojima Productions has already detailed many of the features that the Director’s Cut will be adding. These include new tools like the Buddy Bot for carrying Sam around; an option to battle bosses again, provided you’ve beaten them once; a Firing Range to test out weapons and partake in Ranked Drills; races and Time Trials; and much more. New side missions have also been added which provide some secrets to discover.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut releases on September 24th for PS5. PS4 owners can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version on PS5 for an additional $10. For more details on the release, head here.

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