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Deathloop Developer is ‘Investigating’ Stutter Issues on PC Version

Currently, fans are thoroughly enjoying Arkane Studio's latest game Deathloop, which launched earlier in the week. The Bethesda-published action title is ranking among the top PS5 games, beating out the likes of Hitman 3, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and even Resident Evil Village. It's also sitting comfortably alongside the likes of Ghost of Tsushima and Mortal Kombat 11. It's doing pretty well for itself, is the takeaway from this. However, there are some players of the PC version that are having issues with the game, which the publisher has now responded to.

A user who goes by the alias Never-asked-for-this jokingly posted on the Deathloop Subreddit recently about its "poor performance" being down to how amazingly detailed the hamburgers in the game look. Commenting below this, the community manager for the game has come forward to not only agree that the burgers look great, but to promise that the studio will be "actively investigating" the performance issues that have been plaguing the PC community, with updates to follow.

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The issue in question stems from the fact that the game experiences stuttering problems on the PC port. The problems reached such a state that users began review bombing Deathloop on Steam, with the reason for the stuttering being blamed on digital rights management, or DRM. Specifically, it is the anti-tamper software Denuvo which is being blamed as the culprit, with other games in the past using this software also suffering from in-game stuttering, drops in frame rate and other issues. Many in the PC community have taken umbrage to Denuvo being a part of the game and have made their voice heard with their reviews.

Found the reason for the poor performance, these are the best looking hamburgers I have ever seen in any game ever! from

While Deathloop is currently a PS5 and PC exclusive, it would be in Bethesda and Arkane Studios' best interests to ensure that the game is running as smooth as possible so as not to sully its reputation when it gets ported to other consoles. The fact that the community manager for the game has made it clear that the studio is intending to fix the problem should hopefully mean a patch will be issued at some point.

Outside that, the game is enjoying tremendous success, with fans and critics giving Deathloop high scores. It would certainly be a shame to mar the game and studio's reputations with a version that is running less than optimal due to DRM software. However, this is an opportunity to put things right, and then maybe those playing it on PC can review their opinion of it.

Deathloop is now available on PC and PS5.

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