Deathloop Highlights Time Loop Shenanigans in New Gameplay Trailer


At the PS5 Showcase, Sony gave us another update on one pf the more interesting looking next-gen games we’ve seen so far- Arkane Studios’ Deathloop, which got a chunky showing with a meaty trailer.

With eight targets on his list, the protagonist – Colt – has to figure out how to take them all out, and uses the knowledge he gets from each loop to his benefit. This trailer in particular sees him going after two targets, Egor and The Wolf, both of whom he manages to take out in a single loop. But of course, he himself is being targeted as well.

Plenty of gameplay footage is shown off, as well as a variety of environments that players will be visiting in the game. It’s looking different from anything Arkane has done before, but still has that unique flair the studio is known for. Check it out below.

Deathloop was originally planned as a PS5 launch title, but was recently delayed to Q2 2021. It will release for PS5 and PC.

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