Dentist Offers Free Dental Care To Anyone Who Can Beat Him At Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. tournaments and dentist visits: two things that COVID-19 made incredibly difficult. But now, anyone in Massachusetts has the chance to combine the two, as a dentist is offering free care to anyone who can beat him in Smash Ultimate.

Anyone who can take down Dr. Shah will bag themselves a free cleaning, saving you up to $200. The catch? If you lose, you have to post on social media that you got whooped by a dentist at Zen Family Dental. Genius advertising.

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There are no videos on the dentist's YouTube channel of Dr. Shah in action, but he must be feeling confident in his abilities when hundreds of dollars are on the line. He also insists that the games are played by usual tournament rules, so he seems well versed in the ways of Smash Bros.

The games will be played on the following rules: three stocks, no items, no final smash, no level damage, battlefield form stages only, and on a six-minute timer. In other words, you have to completely rely on your own skills if you're going to take on Dr. Shah.

Anyone who wins will still have to foot the bill for an exam and x-ray before the cleaning, but it's still not a bad reward for beating a guy at Smash. The offer is open to any of the dentist's patients during his opening hours, 9am to 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Shah will be hoping to avoid the ire of Nintendo with this promotion, as the company has started clamping down on Smash tournaments in recent weeks. Luckily for the dentist however, Nintendo only seems specifically mad at tournaments that use modified versions of Smash Bros games, such as Riptide which was set to run matches on Brawl mod Project+. While this esports event is still going ahead, the Nintendo community aren't happy that Project+ had to be dropped from the schedule last minute.

Source: Kotaku

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