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Bungie created the Destiny Content Vault to remove and bring back activities from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. Bungie recently presented a list of Crucible modes that will be leaving Destiny 2 when Beyond Light launches on November 10. Bungie is reducing the PvP modes to the ones that are most often played. They explained that this decision will increase the number of players in the available playlists which will ease matchmaking.

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Destiny 2 introduced Crucible Labs as a way to try new Crucible modes and to get feedback from players. Bungie may have more Crucible modes in stock or it may bring back some from Destiny 1. When these maps leave, they will be gone from rotation and private matches. The following is a list of Crucible modes entering the Destiny Content Vault this Fall.

7 Supremacy


Supremacy was introduced to players in Destiny Rise of Iron and returned in Destiny 2. This is a 6v6 game mode that plays like Clash but with another important element. In this PvP mode, players need to kill the enemy and pick up the crest they drop to gather points for their team.

Players also need to pick up crests dropped by their fallen teammates to prevent the enemy team from getting points. This game mode is meant to be highly active and aggressive. Players need to be moving around constantly. Although Supremacy was an exciting mode in Destiny 1, it didn’t have the same effect on players in Destiny 2.

6 Countdown


Countdown was apart of the Competitive playlist alongside Survival but was later removed. Countdown has two objectives for the teams, one team needs to plant a bomb and the other team needs to defuse the bomb in time. If the defending team detonates the bomb then the attacking team loses. Since automatic respawns are not available in this mode, deaths and revives become incredibly valuable.

Even if the attacking team kills the entire defending team, they still need to defuse the bomb in time. Contrastingly, if the defending team kills the entire attacking team then the defending team wins. The teams switch roles for a couple of rounds.

5 Lockdown


This is a 4v4 mode that plays kind like Control. The zones are placed where they normally would be in Control, but in Lockdown kills don’t grant you points. The only way to win is by capturing and holding zones. The goal is to capture and hold all three zones to get an immediate win.

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Players can also win by holding two zones until the progress bar fills up. If the other team tries to capture your zone when your progress bar is filling up, then it’ll halt the progress until the enemy gets off your zone. Lockdown is based on the best-of-three round-based mode.

4 Breakthrough


Breakthrough is another 4v4 round-based mode where the team that wins three rounds first wins that match. The round starts off with two teams that need to capture a point called the Breaker at the center of the map. After a team captures the Breaker, the objective changes.

The team that lost the first point then needs to defend their Vault from the opposing team. Breakthrough is a mix of defense and offense depending on which team captures the first point. If the offensive team hacks the Vault in time, they win that round. However, if the players are in the process of hacking the Vault when the timer is running out then the round enters Sudden Death.

3 Doubles


Doubles is a 2v2 Crucible mode that’s similar to Elimination. Doubles has been around since The Dark Below expansion in Destiny 1.  The main goal here is to defeat both players on the enemy team in order to win the round.

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It is mostly known as the PvP mode for the Valentine’s Day event called Crimson Doubles. However, Crimson Doubles adds additional features to this game mode. Reunited, Falling Apart, and Vengeance are buffs and debuffs that relies on the bond between the two players.

2 Momentum Control


Momentum Control is a variation of the regular Control mode and was introduced with Shadowkeep during the Festival of the Lost. This mode is often compared to Mayhem because of the similar intense playstyle. While Mayhem is all about using abilities and Supers, Momentum Control is about weapons because of increased weapon lethality.

Also, this PvP mode differs from Control in many ways. It has instant respawns, no radar, players capture zones faster, increased heavy ammo, and powered up Supers. Although this is entering the DCV, Bungie claimed it will come back sometime in Year 4 of Destiny 2.

1 Scorched


Scorched is an aggressive PvP mode that is completely different from all the other Crucible playlists in Destiny and Destiny 2. Players don’t use guns, abilities, or supers in this game mode, they use Scorch Canons instead. These are the same canons that players use for the Fallen Walker public event.

Unlike how Crucible normally is, this game mode doesn’t require much effort. It is comical, exciting, but also frustrating. Team Scorched is essentially the same thing as Scorched except it that it is 6v6. This is another Crucible mode that will return during Year 4 of Destiny 2.

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