Destiny 2 Crossplay: How to Add Friends

Destiny 2's 15th season is bringing in many changes: from standard nerfs and buffs to new equipment to new content for Destiny 2's once-neglected PVP mode. But one of the most exciting changes is the addition of crossplay.

Destiny 2's PC players will now be able to play alongside console players and vice versa. That being said, Bungie will still separate Destiny 2's PC and console players to a degree for PVP since some may argue that players with a mouse and keyboard might have an advantage. But it will be a one-way system, where console players can exclude PC players from their games, but PC players won't be able to keep console players from joining their pool.

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Crossplay is always difficult for developers to implement since so many games rely on platform account infrastructure. Bungie has set up a workaround, and now all of Destiny 2's players can find each other with the Bungie Name system.

Bungie Names and Friend Requests

Every player will be getting a Bungie Name, which is their current display name with 4 numbers attached to the end. The system will filter offensive names, butDestiny 2 players can change their Bungie Name via Bungie's website. If a player doesn't know their current Bungie Name, they can find it in the "Director" menu, within the "Roster" tab.

To make things easier, players should synch their account to, using either their email or their platform accounts, such as a Steam account or a PS Plus account. Once everyone knows their individual Bungie Names and synched their accounts to, they can add friends across platforms. There are three different methods.

The first method is to take advantage of Destiny 2's cross saves and free-to-play status. Players can just log into their account from whatever platform their friend is on and send the friend request there. The friend status will stay when jumping onto another platform. This method, however, is the most arduous, so Bungie offered a couple of other simpler methods.

Bungie ensured that all the invites go through their internal systems rather than through the individual platform messaging systems, like steam messages, so there's no need to open another program. There's now a player search bar in the invite screen, which will show the names of players across all platforms. There's also a friend finder on Bungie's website and Destiny 2's official companion app, which works similarly.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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