Destiny 2 Fans Have Great Idea to Improve Armor Affinities

Bungie is well aware that some of the mechanics in Destiny 2 need updating. While it has been at a slower pace than players might want, the developer has made strides to simplify complicated mechanics and add new ones to make the experience more enjoyable. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, and the system that involves armor affinities is in serious need of an update. That's why one Destiny 2 player has come up with a solid way of fixing this frustrating system.

Reddit user u/Lamipoo created a post on the site to suggest a way to revamp the armor affinity mechanics. As it stands, armor comes with a specific affinity (solar, void, arc, or stasis) and certain mods can be attached if they match the affinity. Players can switch the affinity of a piece of armor, but it can cost a lot of precious resources if the armor is a high tier or masterworked.

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What the user believes would remedy this is to allow players to switch affinities at will if the armor is masterworked, or have players pay a one-time fee that allows them to freely switch affinities afterward. The problem remains, however, that players will still need to manually switch affinities and mods depending on the situation. This could be fixed through a loadout system, another often-requested feature by players. Much like Destiny 2's new transmog feature, it could be something Bungie eventually implements if players continue to push for it.

If we are going to get new armour affinities with each new element, we HAVE to be able to swap freely between them. from

The issue of constantly having to manually change individual gear is even more exhausting when factoring in Champion mods, which are used to defeat difficult enemies in the game and are absolute necessities in harder content. Players need to do a lot of equipping and unequipping, which is extremely tedious and one of the game's least fun aspects. The recent Champion mods in Season 15 have made the issue worse by having the best weapons for the mods share the same slot.

Bungie may already have plans to create a new loadout system that could release in a future update or it may come as part of the game's next major expansion. The Destiny 2 community recently got its first real look at the upcoming content through the Witch Queen reveal trailer that premiered during a livestream event last week, but Bungie hasn't disclosed everything that will be coming to the game when the expansion is finally released.

Until then, players are digging into the fresh content that is part of Season 15, Season of the Lost. The new season started at the end of August and the events within it will lead up to the expansion. Strangely, unlike past seasons, this one is missing a content roadmap that lays out what players can expect in the coming weeks and months. However, Bungie has confirmed the Season of the Lost roadmap is coming and will release at a later date. Perhaps something concerning a loadout system or new armor affinity system will be part of it.

Destiny 2 is available right now for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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