Destiny 2: How to Get Lorentz Driver’s Catalyst and What it Does

Destiny 2's Season of the Lost introduced a lot of new options in terms of guns available, with both new Legendary ones coming from seasonal activities and a new Exotic coming from the Season Pass. Lorentz Driver is a new addition to Destiny 2's linear fusion rifles, and it has been seeing a lot of use in both PVE and especially PVP since Season of the Lost launched. This guide is meant to show players how to get the catalyst for the Lorentz Driver and what it does.

How to Get the Revision 7.2.2 Exotic Quest for Lorentz Driver

Players can acquire Lorentz Driver in two ways, with the first being a bonus of the purchased Season Pass coming at rank 1, and the second is a free copy of the Exotic for all players at rank 35 of the upper part of the Season Pass. Once the Exotic is acquired, players can now get the Revision 7.2.2 Exotic quest from Banshee-44 at the Tower.


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How to Get the Catalyst for Lorentz Driver – Step 1

The quest will start with the first step, which is a threefold objective. The first bit requires players to defeat 50 challenging combatants, the second to defeat 50 enemy Guardians, and the third to defeat 15 Champions or high-value targets. This process is accelerated for Season Pass owners, as there are bonuses coming from rank 11 and 22 that double and quadruple the way progress is calculated for the catalyst quest, respectively.


For the first and the last bits, the best place to start is Gambit, due to all the challenging enemies and high-value targets, and it can also help with the enemy Guardians bit both during invasions and while invading. It should be noted that players don't need to use Lorentz Driver for the first step of the quest, meaning that all three components can be achieved with any weapon or ability.

How to Get the Catalyst for Lorentz Driver – Step 2

Step 2 is where things get much harder for the Exotic catalyst quest. Again, there are three bits to the quest, just like in step 1. The first is called "Calibration data generated," and it's the most obscure of them. For players who don't own the Season Pass, this step means they will get 1 point of progress out of 200 required for each playlist activity they complete, and 2 for high-tier Nightfalls or Gambit and Crucible wins. Season Pass owners, on the other hand, will get 4 points per activity at Season Pass rank 22 and above, and then 5 for high-tier Nightfalls or Gambit and Crucible wins.


Players also have to defeat 50 enemy Guardians with Lorentz Driver for the second bit of the quest, which becomes 25 at rank 11 and 13 at rank 22 for Destiny 2 Season Pass owners. The "Combatants defeated" bit is the easiest, as it only requires 100 kills with Lorentz Driver in PVE, toned down to 50 and 25 at rank 11 and 22.

How to Get the Catalyst for Lorentz Driver – Step 3


This step only requires players to talk to Banshee-44 once again, but the gunsmith won't award them with the catalyst just yet.

How to Get the Catalyst for Lorentz Driver

Once all three steps are completed, players will now have to get kills with Lorentz Driver anywhere to fully calibrate the catalyst.


Because the number of kills is quite high, sitting at 400 total, players should try and get comfortable with the weapon by using it more often and trying to get precision final blows to generate EM Anomalies that annihilate nearby enemies caught in the black hole. Enemies defeated this way do count as kills for the catalyst.


What the Lorentz Driver Catalyst Does

Lorentz Driver's catalyst increases the range at which the radar marks random enemies for players to collect the telemetries necessary to get the Lagrangian Sight buff going.


Not only that, as the catalyst also provides the Exotic gun with an improved EM Anomaly that now works for non-precision final blows as well, meaning that Lorentz Driver creates black holes much more reliably and often.


This only works while Lagrangian Sight is active, though.


Finally, it also grants an additional effect that allows players to extend the duration of Lagrangian Sight when they pick up additional telemetries, refreshing the 30-second timer.


Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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