Destiny 2 Iron Banner April countdown: When is the next Iron Banner?

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Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost is here, but when is April’s Iron Banner event? Here’s everything we know about the next appearance of Lord Saladin.

Destiny’s Iron Banner event has been around since the days of the first game, offering unique armor and weapon rewards in exchange for Guardians playing a unique PvP mode for a week.

It’s remained much the same as it has previously; players capture three objectives, and holding all three will lock enemies out in what’s known as “The Hunt”. Here, kills for the controlling team are worth triple, so it’s not uncommon to see big wins as coordinated Guardians stand their ground.

Iron Banner is unique in Destiny 2 as it factors in Power Levels. If you’re at a higher level than your opponent, you’ll deal more damage and be able to take more. If the roles are reversed, though, you’ll have to be smart about your engagements.

Here’s everything we know about when the April Iron Banner arrives in Destiny 2.


Image from Destiny 2 showing Lord Saladin standing in front of the Iron Banner sigil

Lord Saladin has a new quest (and rewards) for players.

When is Iron Banner in April?

Iron Banner is set to return in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, April 12. This marks the second Iron Banner of The Witch Queen era.

Don’t forget, Trials of Osiris goes on hiatus when Iron Banner rolls around.

To take part, you’ll need to have met Lord Shaxx as part of the New Light (free-to-play) quest, and speak to Lord Saladin who appears above the Gunsmith’s area in the Tower. If Saladin is there, then Iron Banner is in effect, although recent story events suggest he may not be handling the event going forward — we’ll find out in April.

All players can enjoy Iron Banner — you don’t need to own any Destiny 2 DLC.

What is the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event?

As we mentioned earlier, Iron Banner is a PvP mode found in the Crucible for one week every month. It arrives at weekly reset, and leaves at the following reset.

It plays out like the Control game mode — Guardians fight for zones, and your kills are worth more if you hold more than one.

There are two differences in Iron Banner, however. For one, if you lock down all three zones, your opponents cannot take them back for a period of time. This is called “The Hunt”, and it’s where you’ll want to rack up as many kills as possible — or hide if you’re on the receiving end. Afterward, all zones are unlocked, promoting swift movement to retake them.

The second difference is that Power Levels aren’t normalized in Iron Banner. A Guardian that’s hit a Power Level of 1530 will hit harder than a Guardian on 1500, for example, and artifact power is disabled. You’ll want to pick your fights wisely and equip your best gear.

Iron Banner April rewards

If you’re a Destiny veteran, you’ll be familiar with the rewards on offer this month. Iron Banner’s regular loot pool returns, with all six standard weapons up for grabs. However, this time they’ve been updated in a few key ways.

All six Iron Banner guns now come with the Skulking Wolf trait by default. This enhances your radar and removes you from enemy radars during the Hunt.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons

Iron Banner rewards are familiar on the surface this month, but revamped under the hood.

Furthermore, all weapons can now include perk rolls from Witch Queen loot along with seasonal additions too. This means there’s a reason for even accomplished Guardians to dive back in for some new rolls.

Below are just some of the weapons on offer once again in Iron Banner:

  • Peacebond – Legendary Sidearm
  • Forge’s Pledge – Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Riiswalker – Legendary Shotgun
  • Occluded Finality – Legendary Sniper Rifle

There’s also likely to be a brand new Iron Banner quest for the season, called “What We Survive”. Check out our full guide here.

For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out more of our guide content at Dexerto.

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