Destiny 2 Sandbox Refresh Nerfs 120 Hand Cannons Shotguns Dead Man’s Tale

Next week is going to be a big one for Destiny 2 players. Solstice of Heroes returns with new cosmetics and a brand new Shotgun, Vault of Glass gets its Master difficulty along with Timelost weapons, and the Destiny 2 sandbox is getting shaken out like old cat litter.

The big losers in the coming sandbox changes are the current Crucible standbys. Shotguns, and especially Felwinter's Lie, have been the dominant PvP meta weapon for quite a while thanks to their ability to one-shot Guardians at close range. Bungie plans to make Shotguns harder and riskier to use by reducing their damage falloff range by 2m and increasing Aggressive Frame Shotgun cone angle by .25 degrees. Essentially this will require Guardians to get even closer to guarantee that one-shot kill, which will hopefully allow greater counterplay in the current meta.

Hand Cannons, and particularly 120 RPM Hand Cannons, have also been a dominant pick ever since Beyond Light bumped the 120's range to near Scout Rifle status. One range nerf wasn't enough, so next week Bungie will reduce Aggressive Frame Hand Cannon falloff range by 1m, reduce aim assist falloff distance by 1-2m depending on range, and reduce precision damage multiplier from 1.8 to 1.6x damage to prevent so many two-tap kills in PvP.


If you weren't using a 120 RPM Hand Cannon, you probably used Dead Man's Tale, last season's incredible new Scout Rifle Exotic. Its ability to kill Destiny 2 players at range while firing from the hip was legendary, but next week it will be a shadow of its former self. DMT's hip-fire range will be significantly reduced as will its hip-fire aim assist, which very well might send DMT from meta to unusable.

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Besides these Crucible weapon nerfs, there are a few perks getting fixed in next Tuesday's patch. Reservoir Burst is getting the same fix that Dragonfly did a few seasons back, while Rewind Rounds will no longer require the player to land the last shot in the mag for the perk to proc. Drop Mag is also being removed from the game entirely and will undergo a complete rework before returning later.


And finally, Sleeper Stimulant is getting a 16.5% damage buff after months of players complaining that this beloved Exotic never got the buff other Linear Fusion Rifles did.

The latest TWAB also confirmed the Scout Rifles, Machine Guns, and Hand Cannons are all getting PvE buffs. Fusion Rifles are still underperforming and will receive a buff likely in Season 15 along with various underperforming Exotic Primary weapons.

Anarchy, perhaps the most powerful Heavy Exotic in the game, is also getting a nerf next season, so be sure to use it while you can.

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