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Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris has received a complete overhaul in Season of the Lost. Its loot structure has been changed, matchmaking has seen some changes, anti-cheat has been added, and the nature of Trials Cards has been shifted.

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Needless to say, Trials is a much different beast than its Year 3 counterpart—one that is far more respectful of your time and skill level. It's still the pinnacle PvP activity that most Destiny veterans remember, now with better loot incentives and a more forgiving reward structure. We'll be going over what Trials of Osiris is, how it works, and why virtually every Destiny player will want to dive into this playlist in Season 15.

What Is Trials Of Osiris?


Trials of Osiris is a high-stakes variant of Crucible's 3v3 Elimination game type that serves as Destiny 2's pinnacle PvP activity. Only available during weekends, Trials gives every player the chance to show off their PvP skills to obtain some of Destiny's most sought-after weapons and armor.

Players that compete in the Trials of Osiris will have all of their games tracked through a Passage—a ticket purchased from Saint-14. Winning rounds and matches in Trials will grant exclusive weapons, armor, pinnacle gear, Masterwork materials, and even Adept gear for the most skilled players. Both PvE and PvP players have something to gain by participating in Trials whenever it's active.

When Does Trials Of Osiris Start And End?

Trials of Osiris starts every Friday at 1:00 PM (EST) and ends on Tuesday at 1:00 PM (EST). You'll find it in the Crucible tab on your Director.

Trials of Osiris will not run during the following:

  • The first week of a new season.
  • The week a new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is active.

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Why Should I Play Trials Of Osiris?


Trials of Osiris saw some major changes in Season of the Lost, making this one of the most rewarding activities in Destiny 2. Loses aren't punishing anymore, rewards scale off round wins instead of match wins, and the playlist now has matchmaking for solo and duo players.

The rewards you receive from Trials of Osiris include:

  • Exclusive weapons
  • High-stat armor
  • Pinnacle gear rewards
  • Masterwork materials

These weapons are nothing to sneeze at either. Some of Destiny 2's strongest weapons are tied to Trials of Osiris, including The Messanger, Reed's Regret, Shayura's Wrath, and Igneous Hammer. These weapons aren't just good for PvP, either. Some of these weapons are devastating in PvE with the right roll.

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For example, The Messenger is the only non-sunset weapon in Destiny 2 that can obtain Desperado, a perk that increases the weapon's fire rate tremendously upon reloading after a precision final blow. It's one of the most unique and hard-hitting Pulse Rifles you'll find currently, PvE or PvP. Many of Trials' weapons contain unique perk combinations or stats that you won't find elsewhere, making them worth chasing for players that don't typically care about PvP. You can find more info about each gun in our Trials weapon tier list.

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Unlocking Trials Of Osiris


Trials of Osiris requires three things before you can participate:

  1. Ownership of the latest Destiny 2 expansion
    1. As of writing, you'll need to own Beyond Light to play Trials.
  2. Completion of the "Trials Access" quest
  3. A Passage
    1. Purchased from Saint-14 while Trials is active.
Note: Expansion ownership does not transfer between platforms. Consider your platform of choice carefully before buying any DLC to play Trials.

Trials Access Quest


You can grab this quest from Saint-14 in the Tower. You'll find him beside his ship in the Hanger—the eastern part of the hub.

This quest has three steps:

  1. Reach Power Level 1,260
  2. Defeat 50 Guardians in Elimination
  3. Reach Crucible rank 15 (Mythic III)

Step one will require that you complete weekly milestones on your Director to obtain powerful and pinnacle gear. We cover this in more detail in our Power leveling guide.

Step two is tied to Elimination, a PvP game type found in the Crucible tab in the Director.

Step three is tied to your Crucible rank. This is a progression system tied to virtually every PvP mode, excluding Survival. Playing matches will increase your Crucible rank, wins and play streaks granting more progress. We cover this in more detail in our Crucible Valor and Glory guide.

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Trials Of Osiris Passages


Passages are unique tickets sold by Saint-14 that track your game history in Trials of Osiris. As you play matches, your Passage will log how many rounds and matches you've won. Only your first game loss is accounted for to showcase you haven't gone Flawless (explained in the next section). Unless you care about Adept gear, losses don't mean anything in Trials; round wins are all you need to receive Trials rewards.

Your Passage is account-bound, tracks up to 20 rounds won, and grants additional loot once you've won seven games without resetting. You can only have one Passage at a time.

There are five types of Passages you can purchase from Saint-14, some of which have a win prerequisite before they can be purchased.

  1. Passage of Mercy: Forgives one loss per run.
  2. Passage of Ferocity: Your third match win grants a bonus win.
  3. Passage of Wealth (Requires 5 Match Wins): Increased rewards from completing and winning Trials matches.
  4. Passage of Wisdom (Requires 7 Match Wins): Grants bonus XP from Trials wins, scaling with the number of Wins on a ticket.
  5. Passage of Confidence (Requires Flawless): Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.

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Playing Trials Of Osiris


Trials of Osiris is a tweaked, more competitive take on the Elimination game type. If you need a quick refresher, Elimination is a 3v3 game type where players only have one life. Your team needs to eliminate the enemy team to win a round. Should an ally fall, you can revive them by interacting with their Ghost. If the round time limit expires, a capture point will spawn. Whoever captures it wins the round. If no one captures it, the round ends in a tie. The first to win five rounds wins the game.

The foundation of Trials is Elimination, although Bungie made some major changes to the ammo economy and timer to prevent stalemates and snowballing. This mode also gives Trials Reputation instead of Valor, allowing you to obtain Trials Engrams and other Trials-themed rewards from Saint-14 (explained in the next section).

Notable Differences From Elimination

Here are the most notable changes between Trials of Osiris and Elimination:

  • Trials takes place on the same map for every match.
  • Victory requires 5 round wins.
  • Each round lasts 90 seconds.
  • Special and Heavy ammo does not carry over between rounds.
  • Revive timers are extended each time someone is revived.
  • Emotes are locked in first-person.
  • Swords cannot be equipped unless you have ammo.
  • Saint-14 is the announcer instead of Shaxx.
  • Matches grant Trials Reputation instead of Valor.

There's one additional change that's worth mentioning: Trials of Osiris uses a mix of Passage and Skill-Based Matchmaking. Players will be matched with players equal to their skill level whenever possible, although the game will attempt to match teams with similar Passage progress. For example, a team that's gone Flawless is highly unlikely to match with a team that hasn't achieved a single win. The SBMM portion of matchmaking will help prevent Flawless players with new Passages from fighting against lower-skilled opponents new to Trials.

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Going Flawless


So what exactly is "Flawless?" Flawless is when a player wins seven Trials games on a Passage without a single loss. A player that achieves a Flawless Passage will be able to visit The Lighthouse, a unique hub area that has exclusive rewards. The chest at The Lighthouse grants Ascendant Shards, Adept weapon mods, Adept variants of Trials weapons, and high-stat Trials armor. First-time Flawless players will also receive a suite of emblems that'll change the appearance of your Trials-themed armor.

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When you go Flawless, your Trials weapons and armor will emit a bright color to showcase your accomplishment to other players. If you want to change the color of this glow, simply change your emblem to a different Trials-themed emblem. Your Trials glow will decay after two weeks, so be sure to go on repeated Flawless attempts to retain the glow. Keep in mind that only gear obtained from the Trials of Osiris will emit a unique glow.

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Trials Of Osiris And Saint-14 Rewards


We've talked about loot quite a bit thus far, but we haven't gone into the exact items you can expect from Trials of Osiris. This mode has four reward sources:

  1. Passages
  2. Pinnacle Weeklies
  3. Saint-14
  4. The Lighthouse
    1. Requires a Flawless Trials Passage

You'll get most of your loot from Passages and Saint-14, although Trials matches can grant rewards when you reach certain win thresholds on your Passage. Your main reward from this mode is Trials Engrams. Just like Umbral Engrams, you'll be able to focus these to guarantee certain weapons and armor. Saint will also grant specific weapons and Masterwork materials as you increase your Trials Rank—a similar system to Crucible Valor.

Trials Engrams


Trials Engrams work exactly the same as Umbral Engrams. Playing Trials of Osiris will grant reputation with Saint-14 that'll eventually grant a Trials Engram. You can either decrypt the Engram as-is to obtain a random piece of Trials Gear or focus it.

Focusing a Trials Engram will limit its loot pool to a single weapon or armor piece, chosen directly by you in Saint-14's vendor menu. Focusing an Engram requires a Trials Engram, 20,000 Glimmer, and 100 Legendary Shards. The roll you get is random.

If you go Flawless that week but don't get the item you want, you'll be able to focus a Trials Engram to receive an Adept piece of gear. Be warned: this is extremely expensive. Specific focusing costs are currently unknown.

Here's every reward type tied to these Engrams:

Reward Gear Type Notes
Pyrrhic Ascent Helmet



  • Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent Gloves



  • Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent Chest



  • Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent Boots



  • Rolls with random stats
Pyrrhic Ascent Class Item



  • Rolls with random stats
Eye of Sol


(Sniper Rifle)

  • Adaptive Frame (90 RPM)
  • Kinetic
  • Can roll Tunnel Vision + Snapshot Sights
Igneous Hammer


(Hand Cannon)

  • Aggressive Frame (120 RPM)
  • Solar
  • Best stat package on a 120 HC
The Messenger


(Pulse Rifle)

  • High-Impact Frame (340 RPM)
  • Kinetic
  • Can roll Desperado
Reed's Regret


(Linear Fusion Rifle)

  • Precision Frame (533 Charge Time)
  • Stasis
  • Can roll Triple Tap + Vorpal Weapon
  • Can also roll Headstone
Shayura's Wrath



  • Precision Frame (600 RPM)
  • Void
  • Can roll Tunnel Vision + Kill Clip
Sola's Scar



  • Caster Frame
  • Solar
  • Can roll Chain Reaction

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Passage Rewards And Trials Reputation


Passages scale the amount of reputation you earn from a Trials game. The more wins are on your card, the more reputation with Saint-14 you'll earn. Saint is your main source of Trials Engrams now, so it's important to play Trials with as many wins on your card as possible.

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Beyond reputation, holding a Passage with seven match wins will cause all subsequent Trials games to have a chance of granting Trials Engrams, Trials armor, and Masterwork materials to drop upon match completion. This bonus is lost upon resetting your Passage.

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Pinnacle Weeklies


In Season of the Lost, Trials of Osiris has two weeklies that will grant pinnacle gear:

  1. Win 7 matches total in a single weekend.
  2. Win 50 rounds.

Each weekly grants a piece of Trials-themed pinnacle gear. 3/5/7 win weeklies have been removed as of Season 15.

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Saint-14 Rewards


Since Trials now has a reputation system tied to it, you can now expect a reward track for sticking to the playlist. Saint-14 serves as the Trials of Osiris vendor, and he gives out similar rewards to other ritual vendors as you increase your Trials rank. You can expect Masterwork materials and Trials-themed weapons for increasing reputation with Saint.

Here's Saint-14's reward track as of Season of the Lost:

  • Every Rank: x1 Trials Engram
  • Every Division Rank-Up: x1 Powerful Trials Engram
  • Rank 4: x2 Upgrade Module
  • Rank 7: x3 Enhancement Prism
  • Rank 10: Eye of Sol
    • Adaptive Sniper Rifle (Kinetic)
    • Roll: Moving Target and Wellspring
  • Rank 13: x2 Upgrade Module
  • Rank 16: Igneous Hammer
    • Aggressive Hand Cannon (Solar)
    • Roll: Subsistence and Snapshot Sights
  • Rank 16 Completed: Ascendant Shard
    • This also resets your Trials Rank, allowing you to obtain additional rewards.
Note: Resetting Saint's reputation likely has a new reward track, just like other ritual vendors. We'll list these rewards once they become available.

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The Lighthouse


If you are capable of going Flawless in Trials of Osiris, you'll be able to access The Lighthouse and its associated spoils. The chest in this area will drop the following:

  • x1 Ascendant Shard
    • Enhancement Prisms on a subsequent Flawless completion that week
  • x1 Adept Trials weapon OR high-stat armor piece
    • First Flawless clear counts this as a pinnacle reward
  • x1 Adept mod
    • Only if you don't own all of them
  • Cosmetic rewards
    • (First Clear) Emblems that change your Flawless glow on items

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