Destiny 2 – Seasonal Challenges Replacing Weekly Bounties in Season 13

Destiny 2 - Seasonal Challenges

Bungie has confirmed that the trailer for Destiny 2’s next season, currently dubbed “Season of the [REDACTED]”, will debut on February 2nd. In the meantime, it’s announced a replacement for weekly bounties – Seasonal Challenges, a new-ish system that has its own page and doles out rewards. It’s essentially a list of weekly challenges with new ones appearing every week for the first 10 weeks in a season.

The key difference between these challenges and regular weekly bounties is that they won’t expire when the week ends. Instead, they’ll remain available until the end of the season. You also don’t have to travel to different vendors to acquire them, which is nice. Rewards include Bright Dust, seasonal currency, XP (which can level the Season Pass) and “interesting items.”

As for what players can expect in terms of objectives, these range from gaining Infamy or Valor ranks in Gambit and Crucible respectively to acquiring a ritual weapon and its ornaments or slaying foes in Nightfall: The Ordeal with seasonal weapons. The tougher/time-consuming challenges will dole out more rewards. It’s worth noting that about 40 percent of the Seasonal Challenges will need the Season Pass since they focus on the new seasonal activity.

Daily bounties will still be around for vendors like Zavala, Shaxx and so on, rewarding XP and Bright Dust. And though a seasonal activity-focused Challenge that rewards unique items can be finished even if the season ends, you won’t get XP. So you still need to participate while the season is ongoing.

Stay tuned for more details on the next season in the coming weeks.

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