Destiny 2 – Weapon Recoil Changes on PC, Sword Nerfs and More Incoming

Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt

Along with outlining how Seasonal Challenges would replace weekly bounties in Season 13 of Destiny 2, Bungie also revealed that weapon recoil is facing some changes on PC. Currently, the recoil on mouse and keyboard for certain weapon archetypes is reduced by 40 percent compared to controllers. The difference will be 20 percent in the next season and affects auto rifles, scout rifles, pulse rifles, hand cannons, submachine guns and machine guns.

These changes are being done to prepare for cross-platform play later this year but it’s not all bad news. Some archetypes are receiving camera movement reduction on mouse and keyboard to compensate for the recoil changes. Submachine guns will have camera movement reduced by 24 percent while pulse rifles have had their camera movement reduced by 7 percent. Machine guns will have 9.5 reduced camera movement.

It also wouldn’t be a sandbox update without some buffs and nerfs. Rocket launchers will see 30 percent increased damage (though Exotic rocket launchers are being tuned individually). Fusion rifle damage fall-off start distance will be increased while its camera movement will be reduced by 9.5 percent. Unfortunately, sniper rifles are seeing increased ADS flinch when damaged by other players while swords will see 15 percent reduced damage.

It’s well worth checking out all of the upcoming changes especially for weapons like Tarrabah, Ace of Spades, Hawkmoon, Duality and so on. The first trailer for Season 13, currently dubbed “Season of the [REDACTED]”, goes live on February 2nd.

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