Destiny 2 Witch Queen Reveal Teased With Brief New Trailer

After numerous teases, information drops, and even a few leaks, The Witch Queen reveal event for Destiny 2 is now right around the corner. Bungie has promised a look at the next big expansion to arrive for the popular online shooter, including the main antagonist Savathun. While the Hive Queen hasn't been the focus of the past couple of seasons, she has remained firmly in the background with lore and Destiny fan speculation alike indicating that she is hiding in plain sight among the people of the Tower, leading many to believe a reckoning is coming.

These teases and hints from Bungie have continued over the past couple of seasons, with many fans developing theories as to who Savathun could be impersonating. In fact, the reveal event should also give fans a greater look at the recently revealed Season of the Lost, which sees the Awoken Queen finally reappearing and likely serving as a prologue to the events of the Witch Queen expansion.

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With all of that excitement in the air, Bungie continues to tease the Destiny 2 fanbase, this time with a short trailer showcasing what appears to actually be Savathun. Only 16 seconds in length, the trailer pans up to show the back of what is assumed to be Savathun walking into a shallow pool of water litered with bodies. Fans have already speculated that the distant shots in the background appear to be from the Dreaming City. In addition to the ominous music, a single voice line can be heard saying that Truths are a funny thing hinting at a few twists and turns in the narrative.

While the Hive Queen's appearance has never been shown in game, the model in this trailer seems to echo one of Savathun in the image that leaked online earlier this summer. While incredibly tall, Savathun appears to have a sort of crown looking helmet on her head as well as high shoulder armor. One thing that can't be seen in the short trailer is the rumored Ghost-type artifact with her, which many fans have assumed to be something she'll use to wield the light once her Worm is destroyed.

Prior to the Witch Queen reveal, fans have begun piecing together what could be in store during Season 15. While the seasonal event appears to revolve around Queen Mara Sov and the continued strange behavior of the Warlock Osiris, fans have come to the inclusion that the Scorn are finally getting their own champions after the reveal of the Season 15 mods and a recent leak. However, the Dreaming City appears to be a major focal point of upcoming content, and players are hoping that the former brother of the Queen turned Guardian, Uldren "Crow" Sov, will be back int he spotlight as well.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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