Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Expansion Tops This Week’s Steam Best Sellers

Another week, another weekly sellers list courtesy of our old friend, Steam. This saw several big releases, including Alien’s: Fireteam Elite, Naraka: Bladepoint, and Psychonauts 2, but all of them were overshadowed by the big Destiny 2 announcement that came on Tuesday.

Destiny 2’s next big expansion will be called The Witch Queen and it pits Guardians against the Savathun and her Lucent Brood. Savathun has somehow secured the Light to create Hive Guardians who can use the player’s own skills against them! How will humanity survive against the Light-bearing Hive? By crushing their ghosts in an iron fist.

And Guardian’s will have some help. For the first time, Destiny 2 players will be able to build their own weapons, providing an unparalleled level of personalization. They’ll also be able to construct the all-new Glaive weapon, a first-person melee weapon that will let Guardians stab the Lucent Brood into submission before following it up with a short-range blast attack.

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But it’s not just The Witch Queen that took the top spot on Steam’s top 10 sellers list. Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event was also bundled with The Witch Queen to offer Destiny 2 players a sort of mini-season at the end of Season of the Lost. It includes a brand new dungeon that features the legendary Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn at the end of it, plus a whole bunch of cosmetic goodies themed on Bungie’s past games.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe + Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle took Steam's top spot for the week of August 23 to August 29, but coming in at number two is the new horde shooter, Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Marines face off against hordes of xenomorphs in this PvE co-op shooter where you'll definitely want to bring a friend. Not just because it's a co-op shooter but also because it's poorly optimized for single-player at the moment.

Number three is Naraka: Bladepoint, the new battle royale slasher, and Steam's fourth best seller is Psychonauts 2, the sequel to the acclaimed 2005 hit from Double Fine games.

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