Did Bethesda just tease The Elder Scrolls 6’s location in that Starfield trailer?

It's Monday morning and I've had too much coffee, not enough sleep, and for neither the first nor the last time, Bethesda may or may not have just teased something about The Elder Scrolls 6. Here we go again!

This time, the tease in question is especially small: overnight after Xbox's big E3 showcase, someone trawled through Bethesda's new Starfield trailer, frame-by-frame, and found a tiny shape etched onto the interior of the spaceship – which they think looks like the location of The Elder Scrolls 6. Here's the image, with credit to u/Huhwtfbleh on reddit, who discovered it:

The suggestion is this little scratch looks awfully similar in shape to that of High Rock, Hammerfell and the Iliac Bay. Here's an image of the region Huhwtfbleh provided as a comparison:

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