Did the official GTA 6 logo just leak? Alleged Rockstar merch spotted online


Supposed Rockstar Games merch is catching fire across social media as a temporary store update may have just leaked the official GTA 6 logo.

With GTA 6 confirmed to be in development, fans are chomping at the bit for any scraps of info they can get their hands on. From leaked images to alleged story details, there’s never any shortage of headlines popping up to captivate the crowd.

While nothing has yet been made official, not even so much as a logo, that hasn’t stopped further supposed leaks from rocking the boat once again.

In the latest wave, fans pointed out an alleged update to the online Rockstar Games store. While there’s no concrete proof this temporary refresh is legitimate, many are convinced it just gave us our first look at the official GTA 6 logo.

Rockstar Games

It’s been almost a decade since GTA 5 launched.

The online Rockstar merch page was reportedly updated on April 15 with a single new item. Based on a screenshot captured before the store was supposedly rolled back, this new item wasn’t exactly ready to go live.

Rather than a proper label and rather than having a price attached, the new shirt in focus had a codename and appeared to be free. Referred to as ‘Black_Americas_Logo,” this item of clothing featured a unique logo for what can only be GTA 6.

With the classic roman numerals displaying ‘VI’ with pink and blue coloring, many took this leaked picture to be the first look at the official GTA 6 logo.

GTA 6’s logo (VI) has leaked on Rockstar store before they took it down. The title mentioned ‘Black Americas logo’. I can confirm this is Rockstar store. https://t.co/EEhtcmzKTe #GTA6 #GTAVI pic.twitter.com/7iV7ZUSAtQ


For the time being, there’s no telling its authenticity. On one side of the equation, known GTA leakers claimed it’s a logo they’d seen before elsewhere on the site.

Meanwhile, others refuted the claims, arguing that the Rockstar site wasn’t updated at all in the past 24 hours. Even if this supposed shirt was only available for a matter of seconds, it would likely still be visible through a third-party archive like ‘Wayback Machine.’

As a result, it’s obviously worth taking this information with a massive grain of salt. While it could very well end up being the final GTA 6 logo, there’s every chance it’s just another fake in a long line of fanmade designs.

Rockstar Games

With the next-gen version of GTA 5 now available, Rockstar’s full attention is on the upcoming sequel.

One way or another, we’re sure to have confirmation in the near future.

With Rockstar themselves confirming GTA 6 is well into development, it’s only a matter of time before we get an official logo, along with the very first trailer.

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