Dirt 5 Wild Spirits Update Adds New Cars, Tracks, and Career Events

Codemasters has been releasing new content for Dirt 5 at a steady pace. The recently released Wild Spirits Content Pack continues that tradition and gives fans, especially Year 1 edition owners, a lot more to do in Dirt 5.

So far, three main add-ons have been released for this latest entry in the Dirt series. Uproar Content Pack, Super Size Content Pack, and the Energy Content Pack for Dirt 5 have all added new cars, career events, and sponsors to give fans more incentive to play the single-player portion of the game. They have all been a part of the Year 1 edition, and Codemasters have now released a new trailer that accompanies the launch of the latest piece of paid content for Year 1 of Dirt 5.

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The Wild Spirits Content Pack is now available alongside a free update, and both have added new ways to spend more time in the world of Dirt 5. The main selling point of Wild Spirits is the addition of 2 new cars, Ford Bronco Wildtrak 2021 and Prodrive Hunter. It also adds 25 career events that will let players experience various multi-class races and face dynamic weather conditions. Surprisingly, Wild Spirits is available for $7.99 for consumers that do not have the Year 1 edition, while the above 3 DLCs are all priced at $12.49.

As a part of the free update, two new tracks have been added to the Stampede game mode. As both Ait Ojana and Tinghir are Stampede races, players can expect to face some incredibly rough terrain and must be ready for some big jumps. Two new weather conditions, fog and sandstorm, have also been added to the Playgrounds game mode.

Right at the end, the trailer seems to tease a new Halloween-themed DLC pack, but as of now there is no confirmation on whether it will be a free or paid release. Since Dirt 5 officially launched on November 6, owners of the Year 1 pass can expect it to be available at no extra cost.

As a lot of free content has been added to the game, any fans of the racing genre should consider giving it a shot, especially when considering that Dirt 5 is one of the few games that supports local split-screen. It is also available to all members of Xbox Game Pass, although only the base version is a part of the subscription.

Dirt 5 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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