DOOM Eternal on Switch Supports Gyroscopic Controls, BattleMode Confirmed

DOOM Eternal chainsaw

DOOM Eternal is coming to Switch next week and along with a new trailer showcasing gameplay, Bethesda also has a FAQ to answer any lingering questions. It confirms once more that the title won’t have a physical edition “at this time” and can only be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. Gyroscopic controls are also supported for both the Switch and Switch Lite though it can switched off.

BattleMode also makes the jump, offering a 2v1 multiplayer experience for players. If that weren’t enough, The Ancient Gods – Part 1 is will also be coming to the Switch, albeit at a “later date.” Perhaps the only slightly ambiguous detail is the game’s storage size on Switch.

The FAQ states that it’s 18.8 GB but has a “(TBD)” next to this, perhaps indicating that it could change ahead of time. Perhaps the day one patch will push the installation size slightly higher or lower. Regardless, DOOM Eternal is out on December 8th for the Switch. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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