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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How to Level Up Fast

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a fresh entry in the series that came out as a surprise. Taking inspiration from previous games in the franchise, Kakarot excels in almost every aspect. The addition of a JRPG structure fits nicely with the overall atmosphere of the game. However, what makes Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot an interesting action RPG is the fact that grinding in the game is easier than the likes of Dragon Quest.

While grinding through this game is not a high priority, players who want to have an overpowered character or seek strong opponents will surely want to dive into this matter. Today, we will take a look at how to level up quickly throughout the game.

Complete Sub Stories For EXP and Other Rewards


You aren’t playing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, if you aren’t going through all the sub-stories because that’s how you quickly level up. Early in the game, these sub-stories may not provide hefty experience, but they’re still necessary as you get a new member for the community board each time you encounter a new character in a substory.

These sub-stories provide awards such as D Medals which are crucial for unlocking new techniques. Other rewards include food which you can make into a dish or a full meal to upgrade your stats. Some sub-stories are harder than others, but at the end of the day, the rewards you’ll be earning will be worth it. Make sure to check your map each time for any newly added sub-stories so that you don’t miss your way to grind fast.

Fight As Many Enemies As You Can Before You Go Through The Main Story


The fastest way to level up quickly in a JRPG is through grinding. Fortunately, you don’t always have to fight your enemies to earn EXP. All you have to do is dash your way through them at full speed and that should do the job of finishing them off. Of course, this will quickly turn into a tedious matter as it doesn’t always work well. Still, fighting enemies whenever you have the time is recommended as you earn EXP and lots of Z-Orbs. Bear in mind that rewards may vary from one opponent to another.

Eat, Eat and Eat


If you’re familiar with the Dragon Ball anime series, you already know that Goku is a walking eating machine. It was obvious that CyberCnnect2 was going to implement this idea into the game. Eating through the Cooking feature is your trump card in DBZ: Kakarot. Not only does it provide meal effects that will make the game easier to grind but also provide a permanent Status Boost for your selected characters. There are three places to eat in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot:

  • Fishing outside and cooking what you got at the campfire.
  • Small Dish that provides small Status Boost gains at shops.
  • A full meal course dish at Chi Chi’s house.

Your character will let you know if they’re hungry. Once they are, head straight to fill that empty stomach.

Progress Through the Main Story


It goes without saying that you’ll be required to advance through the story to unlock several new features. Like for instance, early in the game, you cannot collect Dragon Balls until you finish the Frieza Arc. Once you’ve done that, you make a wish. Wishes provide rewards such as Zeni (money), Z-Orbs, or even revive villains you defeated and fight them once again to level up quickly.

As you progress throughout the main story, you fight strong opponents that offer a high amount of experience. The wealth of experience you acquire helps you tackle strong opponents while saving you from the hassle of grinding.

Fight Villainous Enemies When You Feel Like You’re Ready


Villainous opponents are special foes that will start showing up through the world map as you progress further into the game. Their level is usually higher than your character or party by miles. It’s best to engage these enemies once the level gap has lessened. Otherwise, fighting them with a low-level character or party will only make for a quick death.

Before fighting these villainous enemies you should be prepared; have a strong levelled up party, eat before the fight, and most importantly equip the best Ki techniques. For instance, Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack is helpful as it deals damage to all surrounding enemies and it inflicts massive damage.

Make Use of Your Community Board


The biggest mistake that many new players to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot do is not giving much importance to the community board. The Training Community section for instance makes grinding two times faster, and if you level up the section to its maximum capacity, the exp gain is +100%. The only downside to the community board is that you have to have played a chunk of the game to unlock new soul emblems in the community board. In the beginning, it’s not that very useful. But trust me, it’s worth the wait.

There are 7 Community Boards and each one comes with different features. Check below for a simple explanation:

  • Training Community: This section helps you level up faster while increasing your stats by bits
  • Z Warrior Community: Increases your ATK and Ki power, as well as, your support initial gauge
  • Cooking Community: Increases the meal effect and status boost when you eat
  • Adult Community: Increases the item selling price and decreases their price upon purchase.
  • Adventure Community: Increases your HP, Ki and Recovery Item Effects.
  • Development Community: This is useful when building machines at Bulma’s Capsule Corporation.
  • Community of the Gods: Increases items you earn upon finishing battles. This is useful when fighting villainous opponents as the rewards are generous.

The community which you focus your time on early in the game is the Training community board. Finish sub-stories, unlock new soul emblems and equip them in the community board. Make sure to pay attention to each character’s icons as some characters may not be suitable for that section.

Revive Your Old Foes Through the Dragon Balls


Gather the seven Dragon Balls and revive foes you already fought against within the main story. This feature is useful as you unlock new Soul Emblems upon completing the sub-story and also gain a wealth of experience as well. Once you reach Cell arc, reviving old foes would prove to be no challenge to you.

Access the Special Training and Survive Your Fights Against Bonyu


The Special Training feature is unlocked after finishing the Frieza arc, and it’s available once Vegeta begins training to surpass Goku. You can access the special training by talking to Android 21 that resides at Capsule Corporation. There are two options to choose from here: Train and Special Training. Both provide EXP, but Special Training exp gain is superior to the former. Special Training is extremely recommended because of a character named Bonyu. She’s supposedly an ex Ginyu Force member who left simply because she thought their galactic pose was awkward.

You’ll notice that fighting her for the first time is pretty easy, but things skyrocket early on at stage 2. I recommend replaying stage 2 dozens of times before you jump to stage 3. Once you feel ready for fighting her at stage 3, go for it. The EXP gains when fighting her at level 100 is incredible, and by fighting her multiple times, you’ll easily reach level 95 in no time.

Access the Super Training Through Fighting Whis and Beerus


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot allows players to experience bits of Dragon Ball: Super through the ” A New Power Awakens Part 1″ DLC. This includes an introduction of the angel Whis and the God of Destruction, Beerus. Surprisingly, the DLC can be accessed early in the game, even if you haven’t finished the main story.

Whis’ Super Training is extremely useful as it nets tons of experience which help the player to level up quickly. Bear in mind that the further you dive into the super training, the harder it becomes. You can always replay missions to earn experience and level up fast.

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