Dying Light 2 review – a leap too far

Dying Light 2 review – a leap too far

Dying Light 2 makes a bad first impression and an even worse one in closing. There are moments of genuine joy in its robust parkour system and chunky melee combat, but those moments are stretched thin across hours of lacklustre storytelling and repetitive side content. It’s a game that promises consequences for every choice you make, but the payoff often feels so thin as to remind you of Fallout 3’s infamous slideshow ending.

You play as Aiden Caldwell, a wanderer who’s searching for his missing sister in the last standing city after a zombie apocalypse. As with the original Dying Light, you make your way through the streets and rooftops with an array of parkour moves, and fight off both living and undead enemies with a selection of improvised melee tools.

It takes some time getting to grips with the parkour system, and the early hours of the Dying Light 2 – which you can buy here, coincidentally – will see you getting caught on world geometry and running up walls you didn’t mean to. It’s a shame that failure feels like the game breaking rather than a consequence of your actions, but those moments of frustration become much less frequent as you come to understand the mechanics and the flow of freerunning.

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