EA Ensures Player Access To Older Games On GOG

A few months ago, GOG delisted several older games from its digital storefront. Those games included Ultima Underworld 1+2, Syndicate Plus, and Syndicate Wars–a collection of PC games that are all well over two decades old, but beloved by their fans.

As reported by Eurogamer, GOG said at the time that this delisting was done at the "publisher's request." The publisher for all four games is now EA after decades of mergers and acquisitions, although EA provided absolutely no explanation as to why they'd demand GOG take down these very old games.

EA eventually placed all four games back on GOG after a public outcry from devoted Ultima and Syndicate fans forced their hands. "Syndicate and Ultima Underworld are back," EA wrote earlier this month. "It seems that 20 years on there's still plenty of love for these titles so we're pleased to confirm that effective immediately they'll be available again on GOG, and we'll be keeping them in the store for the foreseeable future."

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EA still refused to explain the temporary GOG delisting until executive vice president for marketing, commercial and positive play Chris Bruzzo told GamesIndustry.biz that it was all really just a huge mistake.

"When making decisions that affect players we take the time to review exactly what the potential impacts are and whether they serve the players' best interests," Bruzzo told GamesIndustry. "When we delisted Syndicate and Ultima Underworld we missed that step and so didn't fully consider the players' perspective."

To ensure that this situation doesn't arise again, Bruzzo said that EA will now carefully consider the player perspective when delisting older titles from other platforms. On top of that, Bruzzo confirmed that all four games will be free to own on GOG until September 3.

"We saw so much love for these titles, more than twenty years after they originally launched we realized that we had to make them available again."

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