Ela Officially Introduced As Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction

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At E3 2021, one of the Ubisoft’s focus was the announcement and deep dive into Rainbow Six Extraction, its upcoming shooter that is based on Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op tactical first person shooter where players must assemble a team of operatives to enter into various containment zones and fight against an ancient alien threat. Much like Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction calls for teamwork, knowledge and collaboration as players must use their operators to the best of their abilities. Players can choose from up to eighteen operators to create their best team depending on the situation. Persons familiar with Rainbow Six Siege would know the operators found in Extraction. Rainbow Six Extraction launches 16th September 2021 and is currently available for pre-order. Ubisoft will continue to unveil information on the game as the release date approaches, and they have officially highlighted Ela via an Operator Showcase.

Ela is described as a true rebel and is armed with a special device in her toolbox, the Grzmot Mine. This mine can be thrown at enemies to stun the enemies, allowing players to scout ahead and deploy the mines to ensure that operators have the upper hand in the fight. Ela also has increased resistance to concussion effects making her the perfect operator to lead the pack. Ela is just one of the many operators available in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC via Epic Games and Ubisoft Store, and Stadia. The game is priced at USD$59.99 for the Standard Edition while the Deluxe Edition with some added benefits costs USD$79.99.

Are you excited for Rainbow Six Extraction? What would your operator of choice be? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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