‘Elden Ring’ explained: Why did Godfrey kill his lion?

Most of the bosses you encounter in Elden Ring take a kind of twisted pleasure in taunting you, a lowly Tarnished, who wants to achieve greatness and become Elden Lord. Ironically enough, the only person not to do that is Godfrey himself, who is the First Elden Lord, but don’t let this respectful demeanor trick you into thinking that Queen Marika’s consort is easily subdued.

When it comes to Hidetaka Miyazaki lore, the devil is hardly ever in the details. The inclusion of George R.R. Martin (the creator of Game of Thrones) as a story consultant and worldbuilder hasn’t really amended the issue, which is why most of the characters you meet in the Lands Between are simply an enigma, and Godfrey, one of the most important in this ensemble, is no exception to this rule.

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