Elden Ring fans are really into this sentient pot

Elden Ring fans are really into this sentient pot

After months of heartbreak – and a few jokey goofs from one particular websiteElden Ring fans finally got a new trailer alongside a release date to boot at the Summer Game Fest. The gameplay reveal features a double-jumping, mountain-defying horse; a big rock lad with a bell; and heaps of baddies getting bopped on the noggin with a sword. It wasn't any of these things that captured the hearts and minds of the Elden Ring community, though – it was a humble, sentient pot.

Our wee cauldron only appears in the trailer for a couple of seconds, but that's all the diminutive vessel needed. Two of them show up around the middle of the trailer to shuffle around for a bit before we cut to some other goon getting it in the neck. I don't know why I would drop everything for this pot – maybe because it has arms, legs, and no face? You may not be able to see, little pot, but that's okay because I can be your eyes.

Some are calling it Pot Lad, while others have decided on Pot Boy – all are, however, left in awe of the vase. Not long after the trailer aired during the Summer Game Fest, the action-RPG's subreddit erupted with, well, a lot of feelings. Alongside numerous expressions of affection, we've also got offerings of fan art.

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