Elden Ring finally gets a release date

At long last, the upcoming Elden Ring from the legendary creators of Game of Thrones and Dark Souls gets a release date.

At the beginning of the Summer Games Fest Kickoff, Geof Keighly teased something special coming at the end of the show. Little did we know, it was one of the most anticipated trailers of the year.

You could see the palpable excitement on Geoff’s face during the lead-up to the trailer. His voice and hands were shaking in the most wholesome moment of the whole show.

Release date

Elden Ring is launching January 21, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’s unclear if it will be available natively on next-gen or just as part of backward compatibility. Either way, it’s exciting.

My Take

January 21st may seem like a ways away – especially since we’ve been waiting two years for more info on this – but it’s just six months away. Stay tuned!

Check out the new trailer below!

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