Elden Ring’s difficulty will be more ‘manageable’ – more details on the RPG

Elden Ring’s difficulty will be more ‘manageable’ – more details on the RPG

After about two years of hints and guesses, we suddenly have a frankly staggering amount of specific information about the hotly anticipated RPG game Elden Ring, which the new trailer has revealed will be in our hands early next year. FromSoftware president and game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has granted several interviews in the days since the trailer debuted, and he's provided additional details and context for what we saw in the teaser.

Miyazaki says Elden Ring will be a more "manageable" game than the Souls series has been, and has explained some of the backstory, which was created in collaboration with American fantasy author George R.R. Martin.

Speaking with Japanese games magazine Famitsu, Miyazaki said Elden Ring is more "manageable" than past games FromSoftware has made. However, it's still going to be a challenge, as he says it'll feature the tough enemies fans of his games have become accustomed to. However, there are new elements to ease progression: there's an overworld map, for instance, and fall damage is low to keep players motivated to explore.

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