Enter The Matrix Deserves a Remaster

In the world of sci-fi and action cinema, few franchises have had as much of an impact as The Matrix. The 1999 original and its two sequels revolutioned special effects and fight choregeography, and they explored more complex ideas than usual mainstream blockbusters. Considering all the high-flying action within the films, the material is a perfect fit for video games. Gaming is all about letting players live out fantasies in a digital world, quite literally what The Matrix revolves around. This all culminated in a major game based on the franchise called Enter The Matrix, released on all major consoles in 2003.

While still a tie-in movie game at its core, released alongside The Matrix Reloaded, there was far more effort and ambition poured into this title than most licensed products at the time. For one, Enter The Matrix had its own standalone story that not only deepened the lore of the series, but also played out in tandem with the events of The Matrix Reloaded, often adding more context to sequences in the film. Considering a fourth movie is on the way, now would be a perfect time to remaster the original game for modern consoles.

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Enter The Matrix Ties Into the Overall Narrative


While other games releasing alongside blockbuster films would typically mirror the exact same plot, Enter The Matrix opted for something more creative and intriguing. The plot of the game was completely original, with the project actually being overseen by the creators of The Matrix, the Wachowski twins. This makes the game a must-play for all serious fans of the franchise, as it adds more layers to an already complex narrative. Moments in the game tie into scenes in The Matrix Reloaded, and vice versa.

For those wanting to experience the complete story, playing the game is just as important as watching the original trilogy. Now with a fourth film in The Matrix series on the way, audiences will want to revisit everything that has happened. Many gamers may have sold their older consoles, and tracking down a replacement (as well as a copy of the game) could be too much work for some. To remedy this, remastering the game for modern consoles would be a quick fix.

Enter The Matrix Was a Solid Action Game


Beyond narrative reasons, Enter The Matrix is worth remastering because it is fun to play. The main draw of the game at the time was without a doubt the bullet time mechanics, perfectly replicating the effect from the films. There is a thrill to slowing down time as bullets fly past the player, really offering that sense of being a superhuman with enhanced abilities.

Aside from on-foot missions with hand-to-hand combat and gunplay, there are driving sections and on-rails shooting segments too. These can all be experienced across two separate campaigns, with specific events happening in each. This means players get two games for the price of one, having to play as both Niobe and Ghost to see the whole adventure. Players will meet other characters from The Matrix film franchise along their journey, and even get to live out moments similar to what is seen in the movies. While the martial arts and shooting controls may feel clunky by today's standards, and the graphics are extremely dated, there is something special at the center of Enter The Matrixthat a few tweaks in a remaster could help iron out.

Enter The Matrix is available on PC, PS2, GameCube, and Xbox.

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