[EVENT] The Chicken March Event



[EVENT] The Chicken March Event

Check out the events for March!

Join in on the ‘Chicken March’ each week this month.

Clear all the missions and receive crazy amount of Chicken Medals!


Play event awaits you in-game. Clear the mission each week to receive reward.

[MISSION 1] Play Vikendi 7 times

  • During MAR 1st 06:00 UTC ~ MAR 7th 05:30 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 2] Play Periverka (FFA) 5 times

  • During MAR 8th 06:00 UTC ~ MAR 14st 05:30 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 3] Play any map in DUO 7 times

  • During MAR 15st 06:00 UTC ~ MAR 21st 05:30 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 4] Play Bodie (4VS4) 5 times

  • During MAR 22nd 06:00 UTC ~ MAR 28th 05:30 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA

[MISSION 5] Play any map in SQUADS 7 times

  • During MAR 29th 06:00 UTC ~ APR 4th 06:00 UTC
  • Reward: Chicken Medal 70EA
  • Two-men / three-men / full squad all acceptable


MAR 1st, 2020 06:00 UTC ~ APR 4th, 2020 06:00 UTC


  • Total reward you can receive is Chicken Medal 350 EA.
  • Rewards will be collectible upon mission completion.
  • Event window will pop up when you log in game during the event duration. If you are already in game lobby when the event begins, please [Restart Lobby] through [System Menu] to see the event.

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