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For all the mysteries of Thedas that players have been able to unravel over the years, there are many more that remain unsolved. Presumably, Dragon Age 4 will go a long way towards resolving all of the plot threads that remain hanging from the past three games.

And just what are those? For fans of Dragon Age who need a little refresher, here are the loose story threads from Dragon Age past that need to find a resolution in Dragon Age 4.

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This one is a no-brainer, but it’s also the piece of Dragon Age‘s plot that’s at the forefront of every fan’s mind when they think of Dragon Age 4. Solas is really Fen’Harel the Dread Wolf, and he aims to tear down the Veil separating Thedas from the Fade, thereby destroying the world such as it is in favor of releasing the elven gods from their prison. It’s been all but guaranteed that players will see the continuation (and hopefully, the conclusion) of this plot thread in Dragon Age 4, since it’ll likely be the main plot going forward.

But is Solas the true enemy? Or will it be the Evanuris, the elven gods, that he releases? Will he succeed in tearing down the Veil? And can he really be redeemed in the end, or will the Dread Wolf come to a violent end? All those questions will hopefully be answered when Dragon Age 4 eventually releases.

Piggybacking off of the ‘Solas’ plot thread, the Evanuris are also a pretty big mystery thus far. We know that both Solas and Flemeth are members of the Evanuris as Fen’Harel and Mythal respectively, but the other members are locked away in the Fade and  supposedly can be quite cruel, contrary to existing elven myths. That’s why it seems possible that they could be the real villain of Dragon Age 4, provided Solas actually manages to set them free. Either way, hopefully players will learn more about them and their role in the grand scheme of things come the next game.

Players who killed Anders at the end of Dragon Age 2 know exactly where he is, but everyone else? They’ve only got more blanks waiting to be filled in, since Anders’ fate post-DA2 is left a mystery. That’s somewhat surprising, since Anders is the one responsible for blowing up the Kirkwall chantry and kicking off the whole mage/templar conflict in earnest; it’d make sense of the Inquisition had sought him out, but no. Instead, Varric or Hawke only mention him in passing, and gives no indication as to his whereabouts or plans, if any.

So, what happened to Anders after Dragon Age 2? And does he have plans for the future, or is he content to sit back and watch the world endure turbulent times that he had a hand in starting? Dragon Age 4 should answer those questions, and more.


After the completion of the main quest “Here Lies the Abyss” in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the surviving NPC (either Hawke or Stroud/Loghain/Alistair) heads for the Grey Warden headquarters of Weisshaupt, to report on what happened. All we know from there is that communications from Weisshaupt suddenly stop, and that if Hawke is the one to go, Varric predicts it’ll end with “Hawke walking away from the Wardens’ fortress as it explodes.”

It’s currently unknown what role the Grey Wardens will play in Dragon Age 4, but hopefully the mystery of Weisshaupt and the future of the Grey Wardens will be revealed in the next game.

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And what about the protagonist of Dragon Age: Origins, the Hero of Ferelden? If they survive the events of the first game, then in Inquisition they’re off trying to find a cure for the darkspawn taint. That alone begs the question: do they succeed? Will they play any part in Dragon Age 4 alongside the rest of the Grey Wardens? Any discovery of a darkspawn taint cure could have huge implications for the Grey Wardens, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Warden come Dragon Age 4.

This is an older mystery that was never really answered: what are the consequences of letting the Architect live in Dragon Age Origins’ expansion, Awakening? What are the consequences of killing him? The Architect’s stated goal was to free all dark spawn from the taint and the call of the Old Gods, but the results of his endeavors if he is left alive aren’t revealed in any of the ensuing games. Hopefully, the Architect (or mention of him, if he’s dead) will finally resurface in Dragon Age 4 and the game will shed a little more light on this mysterious creature.


Since the beginning, lyrium has been a strange and powerful presence in the Dragon Age games. Over the years, we’ve seen more and more of what it can do, and now we know that not only is it alive, but that red lyrium is even more powerful and corrupted by the darkspawn taint. In Tevinter Nights, it is revealed that Solas seeks the red lyrium idol that corrupted Meredith in Dragon Age 2, and he’ll likely have it in Dragon Age 4. Clearly, he believes that enough lyrium and “godly” might will be enough to tear down the Veil, and he could be right.

For all that we know about lyrium, however, there’s still a lot to learn. What is its true origin? What is the full extent of its capabilities? How is it alive? It seems as though Dragon Age 4 is in a perfect position to answer those questions.

Regardless of what the Inquisitor does at the Well of Sorrows, it’s hard to believe their story is anywhere close to over, even with the conclusion of the Trespasser DLC. But if the Inquisitor did drink at the Well, then that means they’re also bound to Mythal – and now Solas, since he absorbed Mythal’s power at the end of Inquisition. If Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows, then she is bound to Solas now; either way, players only saw a hint of what drinking from the Well can do in Trespasser.

In Dragon Age 4, which appears to revolve around Solas and his plans, whoever drank from the Well of Sorrows will undoubtedly play a role going forward. It only remains to be seen what that role actually is.

Dragon Age 4 is currently in development.

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