Evil Dead: The Game Gameplay Trailer Shows Hectic Zombie Fighting

Good or Evil

The Evil Dead is a supernatural horror film franchise dating back to the early 1980s wherein an Ancient Sumerian text lets loose on humanity and wreaks havoc on a group of unfortunate individuals in a heavily forested area. As an Evil Dead movie is rumored to be on the horizon, it was the perfect time for the series to step into the video game industry and at the Summer Games Fest Day One showcase, Evil Dead: The Game’s official gameplay trailer was unveiled. Evil Dead: The Game is described as a co-op and PVP multiplayer action game that will be coming later this year to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Evil Dead: The Game is narrated by Bruce Campbell himself, best known for his role as Ash Williams in the Evil Dead movie franchise. Players will follow chainsaw-wielding Ash Williams around along with new surprises such as Cheryl Williams, Henry the Red and Ash’s Delta. The battle between man and zombies is iconic areas from the movie franchise such as the infamous Knowby Cabin and the fun is bolstered by the quips and charm of Ash Williams in the lead role. As players fight tenaciously against the zombies, there will be no shortage of weaponry available as there are more than twenty-five weapons to discover including Ash’s Gauntlet, Boomstick, Chainsaw and various skills and abilities to grow stronger.

In the narrated trailer, players are given a first-look at the combat and told that they can either be on the good or bad side of the fight. Therefore, players are given the option of working as a team of four survivors to fight the Deadites and banish the vile Kandarian Demon, or they could choose the evil side, fighting as the Demon himself, using his power to possess the souls of the poor humans. Which will you choose?

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