Evil Dead: The Game understands Evil Dead: The Movies better than I expected

I’ve spent a morning or two with Evil Dead, and from the off it’s looked the part. Sam Raimi’s horror classics have a definite visual style, and it’s all there on the screen: the cabin surrounded by grasping trees, the lights strobing through branches, a variety of Bruce Campbells to play as. My cup runneth over. Is that an Oldsmobile to pootle around in? Yes please.

And it played…well, at first it was decent multiplayer horror stuff. For a morning I played in part of a gang of survivors online, four of us against a single demon player. Your job is to collect a bunch of stuff and then nuke the big baddies at the end of it all, while a timer ticks down and every major action you attempt – grabbing a map fragment or the magical dagger you need – brings the horde.

It was fun, and it looked like Evil Dead – so many Ashes! But it didn’t always feel like Evil Dead. It felt like a multiplayer horror game, albeit a decent one, albeit a decent one without much in the way of basic accessibility features. The same is true for what I think is the single-player stuff. I headed out as Ash and quickly got into serious deadite trouble. The woods looked perfect – but it felt like a lot of other horror games.


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