Fable’s Avo and Skorm Lore Explained

Fable's world of Albion is rich with lore, history, and culture. However, the series also covers many years on the continent, seeing it progress from medieval times all the way up to, and including, an industrial revolution. This has allowed Fable as a whole to explore how Albion and its people evolve and change over that time. These changes can take many forms, from villages rising and falling to geographical changes such as dams creating a new lake.

However, it also sees many changes in the culture of the people and the religions that they follow. In the original Fable, the people of Albion are primarily divided into worshipping either Avo or Skorm. By the time players return to Albion in Fable 2, those deities have both been replaced by individuals simply worshipping the light and the dark. The influence of both gods can still be felt throughout Fable 2 and the series' ongoing mysteries, though, leading many fans to wonder exactly who they are. Luckily, the games do provide some insight.

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The Lore Behind Fable's Avo


Avo represents the light side of Fable's iconic morality system. In the original Fable, Avo has a temple in Witchwood that players can visit and find people worshipping. An unknown voice also speaks to the player there, and it is assumed to be the voice of Avo himself. At the temple, players can donate money to Avo's cause in exchange for pushing their morality toward the light side while also giving them a number of rewards. Hundreds of years before the first Fable, however, the worshipers of Avo took part in a holy war with the followers of Skorm that ended in countless deaths.

Players can also get a number of unique items that reference Avo, including the weapon Avo's Tear in Fable. Avo's Tear is protected by Judges of Avo's Tear in the original Fable, whom the player must convince to let them have the weapon. However, whether or not Avo truly exists is unclear, as Fable's Oracle tells the player that the idea of Avo was made up by a merchant who established the temple on a place where will flowed heavily, gaving people calming thoughts in an effort to make money.

The Lore Behind Fable's Skorm


Most things in Fable have an opposite, and Skorm is the direct opposite of Avo. Skorm is an evil god who is worshiped at a chapel near Darkwood in the first Fable. In the chapel, players can sacrifice innocent lives to Skorm to get evil morality points and a variety of other rewards, including the game's strongest bow. Like at the temple of Avo, players can hear a disembodied voice thought to belong to Skorm upon entering the chapel. However, Skorm was also discredited by the Oracle despite playing a massive role in Fable and the history of Albion.

This leaves the question of whether or not the two deities exist at all open to interpretation. By the time Fable 2 takes place, players discover that both temples were ransacked by villagers and replaced with new religions. However, during the events of Fable 3, Skorm is still worshipped by a hidden cult, so it could be that the deities do exist and are still around in some form. It will be interesting to see whether they play a role in the new Fable, especially if Fable goes back to an older time in Albion's history when they were more openly worshipped.

Fable is currently in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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